98% recommended by critics! “God of War Ragnarok”

98% recommended by critics! “God of War Ragnarok”

God of War Ragnarok

Praise is pouring out for the most anticipated work of the PlayStation camp, “God of War Ragnarok,” which is set to be released on January 9. A number of overseas media have scored high ratings through reviews of “God of War Ragnarok,” raising expectations for users.

First of all, “God of War” won the highest evaluation grade “Mighty” with 98% recommended by critics on OpenCritic, a game review aggregation site. As a result, “God of War” entered the Hall of Fame in 2022 at the same time as the review was compiled. OpenCritic used its official Twitter account to say that “God of War” ranked seventh in the highest rating among games of all time.

On Metacritic, a comprehensive entertainment review aggregation site, “God of War” scored 94 points as a result of collecting reviews from 117 media. All the media that published the review positively evaluated “God of War,” and highly trusted media such as IGN, MMORPG Dotcom, and EGM gave “God of War” a perfect score of 100.

In response, Metacritic gave the game “MUST PLAY” mark, which must be played on “God of War Ragnarok.” God of War Ragnarok’s rating of 94 is the same as God of War, which won the most Game of the Year award in 2018.

“God of War” is the official sequel to “God of War,” which was released in 2018. The game follows the story of a rich man, Cretos, who started from his previous work. Users venture into nine kingdoms along Crete and Atreus to find answers to prepare for the end-of-life war “Ragnarok.” In this process, users explore the wider world, fight more mythological beings, and eventually end the Nordic mythological story. 토토사이트 추천

Meanwhile, attention is being paid to whether the high review rating for “God of War” will lead to high sales. “God of War” is expected to have an adverse impact on sales as a large number of spoiler videos have been leaked due to pre-sale at some stores.

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