Liverpool to sell Minamino by mistake…

Liverpool to sell Minamino by mistake…


The lack of reliable backup resources was cited as the cause of Liverpool’s slump.

Liverpool finished second in their group in the Champions League this season, but remain ninth in the Premier League.

Liverpool Dotcom, which specializes in Liverpool news, brought up Minamino, pointing out that the bench resources are weak.

Minamino moved to Liverpool in the winter of 2020, making 55 official appearances and scoring 14 goals. He contributed greatly to winning two cups last season. He left Liverpool in the transfer market this summer and built a new nest in AS Monaco.

Liverpool’s dotcom claimed, “Liverpool must bring in a former Everton striker to fill Minamino’s vacancy.”

The media said, “Liverpool needs to secure alternatives. Ademola Lukman (25), a member of Italy’s Serie A Atalanta and a Nigerian national striker, should be considered. 13 million pounds,” he added.

Lukman has scored five goals and three assists in 12 league games this season. The media said, “You’re doing a very impressive job. “We have to wait and see if we can continue to maintain our form,” he said.

Liverpool said there are few players who go in whenever necessary and make a shot. Minamino and Divock Origi did so last season. Sadio Mane’s transfer is also painful.

The media said, “Minamino, Origi, and Mane left, and Darwin Nunes and Fabio Carvalho came. This leads to Jürgen Klopp’s disappointment, and it is clear that reinforcement is needed, he said. “Liverpool thought there would be no big problem if Minamino and Origi left, but their early performance proves this mistake,” stressing that Lukeman should be transfused as soon as possible.

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