Le Seraphim Kazuha, Extremely Pure Beauty Land Model

Le Seraphim Kazuha, Extremely Pure Beauty Land Model

Le Seraphim Kazuha

Kazuha, a member of the group LESSERAFIM, has been selected as a beauty brand model.

On the 6th, his agency Source Music released a beauty pictorial, saying, “Kazuha will join us as the official model of a global makeup brand.”

The brand said, “Le Seraphim Kazuha majored in ballet for 15 years before his debut and is loved by the public for his innocent appearance, elegant dance lines, and medium-low voice.”

Kazuha is showing a variety of charms by showing more powerful performances after his comeback with his second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE.”

“This colorful charm fits well with the brand’s image,” he said.

Kazuha showed off her unique innocent visuals in a makeup pictorial released along with the news of her selection of a model.

Kazuha added brightness with her delicate pink makeup and styling.

In particular, the calm and elegant atmosphere in the picture attracted attention with a different charm from the powerful appearance on the stage.

In addition, it is rumored that Kazuha was praised by the field staff for his uncluttered posture and smiling all the time even after more than 10 hours of long shooting for more than 10 hours.

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