American Lottery Powerball The winner of the first prize was $1.9 billion…

American Lottery Powerball The winner of the first prize was $1.9 billion, “Inviting jackpot”


The prize money increased to $1.9 billion as the winner of the U.S. lottery “Powerball” did not appear for 40 consecutive times. This is the highest winning prize in the history of lottery tickets worldwide.

Powerball announced on its website on the 6th (local time) that the first prize money has increased to $1.9 billion and plans to draw again on the 7th.

The increase in prize money is due to the lack of first-place winners for 40 consecutive times from August 3 to the previous day.

Powerball draws three times a week, and if there is no first place winner, the prize money will be carried over and accumulated.

The winner may select either a lump sum payment or a split payment.

In the case of lump-sum payment, $929.1 million, excluding tax, can be received at once.

In the case of installment payments, $1.9 billion is paid annually over 29 years.

The Powerball is sold in 45 of the 50 U.S. states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Non-resident foreigners can also buy power balls locally.

However, a person who meets the legal age must purchase tickets directly from a retail store that has obtained a lottery sales license.

In order to win the first prize, all six numbers, including 5 out of 1 to 69 numbers corresponding to “white balls” and 1 out of 1 to 26 numbers of “red power balls,” must be correct.

The odds of winning first place are about 292.2 million. 파워볼사이트

The world’s top prize winner, which was previously listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, was $1.586 billion from the Powerball in January 2016, winning three lottery tickets at the time.

In Korea, 40.722.96 billion won, which was released in the 19th round (April 12, 2003) since the Lotto was released in 2002, is the highest winning record.

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