Garcia, win the last round of the WTA Tour season…

Garcia, win the last round of the WTA Tour season…


Caroline Garcia (6th, France) won the 2022 Women’s Professional Tennis Tour final.

Garcia beat Arina Sabalenka (5th, Belarus) 2-0 (7-6 <7:4> 6:4) in the singles final on the last day of the WTA Tour Final (total prize money of $5 million) in Fort Worth, Texas on the 7th. Garcia, who won his fourth WTA Tour title and 11 wins in his career, will receive $1.57 million in prize money.

Born in 1993, Garcia climbed two spots from sixth to fourth in the world rankings. He also became the first French player to win the final match of the WTA Tour season in 17 years since Amili Moresmo in 2005. In the singles of major tournaments, the semifinals recorded at the US Open in September this year were the best. In the women’s doubles, they won the French Open in 2016 and this year.

The WTA Tour Final is a “King of Kings” tournament in which the top eight players who performed the best in a year participate in the group stage and determine the winner of the semifinals. World No. 1 Iga Siviontech (Poland) was eliminated in the semifinals 1-2 (2:66.21:6) the previous day.

Meanwhile, the WTA tournament will be held several more times this year, but all of them are 125 WTA tournaments, one level lower than the tour.

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