Sunmi, what do you want to say to me?

Sunmi, what do you want to say to me? I hope you’ll continue to be a fanatic and do well.


Sun-mi showed her vivid charm through the September issue of “Cosmopolitan.”

Sunmi, who made a comeback with her mini album ‘1/6, released a photoshoot full of maturity. It was different from the “You can’t sit with us” performance in the concept of high teen. He showed bold styling such as body suits and see-through tops with powerful poses and eyes. His eight-colored charisma, which has been transformed in each concept, stood out.

9 years as a solo artist, Sunmi said, “It’s an honor as a singer.” “When I see the lyrics in the past, I always love them, but it’s somewhat unstable.” (Performance) It’s a double image of me. I think you like these dynamic emotions.”

When asked about the comeback show on Geppetto, the first metabus platform in Korea, Sunmi took selfies with fans in Geppetto, asked fans, “Where are my pictures?” and went to find them together. It’s so cute, right?” he added. He said, “We used XR technology during the performance. “When I gesture in the air in front of Greenscreen, it looks like I’m touching the moon on the screen. I’m so curious about how this technology will evolve in the future,” he said.

In July, Sunmi said in “Shall we just talk?” that she will get to know and care about herself through “self-fanning.” When Sunmi asked what she wanted to say to Sunmi, she said, “Sunmi, I hope you continue to be a fan of yours and do well.” You’re amazing. This is what I’m saying to myself. I hope you do the same,” the reader.

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