‘Bomb talk’, Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘falling on his own’

‘Bomb talk’, Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘falling on his own’

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo criticized Manchester United.

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ reported on the 13th that Ronaldo felt ‘betrayed’ and mentioned that he was kicked out for not respecting coach Eric Ten Hagh. Ronaldo revealed about Manchester United’s life in ‘Pierce Morgan Unsensored’ hosted by Piers Morgan.

According to the media, Ronaldo explained that the club tried to force him out, and that there has been no development since Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. He also mentioned that he had “never heard of Ralph Langnick, who was appointed as a temporary head coach last season, and said he did not know why his former teammate Wayne Rooney would criticize him.

Quite high-level comments have been made. At the same time, Ronaldo said, “I want the best for the club. This is why I’m here,” he said. “I love Manchester United. I love my fans and they are always on my side. “But a lot of things have to change,” he said, “Moon, who the club is currently facing, turned the blame on him by claiming that I am not with him.”

Last season, Manchester United joined hands with Ronaldo and ran toward a “revival of the famous family.” But the result was a failure. Manchester United fell to sixth place in the English Premier League (EPL), failing to advance to the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Ronaldo scored 18 goals to help but failed to save Manchester United as they fell into a last-minute slump of the season.

Later is the problem. Manchester United has begun to form a new version by appointing coach Eric Ten Hagh. However, when Ronaldo failed to advance to the UCL, he showed an insincere attitude. He did not accompany him in the summer preseason, preparing for a season, and even publicly asked for a transfer. Club leaders and Sir Ferguson have been troubled enough to persuade.

The same is true after the opening. Ronaldo, the last Tottenham Hotspur match, left the ground even before the game was over when he failed to play as a substitute. Amid various problems, the club is embarrassed by leaving bombshell remarks as soon as the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup break comes.

Publicly criticizing the club, even if there may have been friction, is tantamount to tarnishing yourself. The remarks seem to take into account the situation in which the winter transfer market will be held shortly after the end of the World Cup. Manchester United and Ronaldo are expected to finish their tumultuous trip in January next year.

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