ASTRO ROCKY and Park Bo-yeon’s first SNS…

ASTRO ROCKY and Park Bo-yeon’s first SNS after acknowledging their romance…”Thank you for your support”


Group ASTRO ROCKY has released its update.

On the 14th, ASTRO’s official Twitter account said, “The weather is getting cold. Be careful not to catch a cold and dress warmly! Thank you for your support today!” was posted with a photo.

In the released photo, Rocky is staring into the distance with a blanket over him.

Astro’s agency Fantagio said on the 31st of last month, “Rocky is in the stage of getting to know each other little by little with good feelings with actor Park Bo-yeon, who is known through media reports.”

On the other hand, Park Bo-yeon’s agency, Management District, has not made any particular position after denying rumors of a romantic relationship, calling it “between colleagues.”

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