Food that makes ‘calculus’ in the body vs. food that gets rid of.

Food that makes ‘calculus’ in the body vs. food that gets rid of.


Lack of moisture in the body can lead to stone-hard stones in various organs. calculus is especially likely to occur in the urinary system (such as kidneys, urea, bladder, urethra, etc.), and if calculus occur in organs where urine is discharged, you will feel severe pain when urinating. calculus is closely related to eating habits, so you must maintain the right eating habits to prevent them. Let’s find out the food that makes stones and the stones.

food made of stone
Excessive consumption of foods such as fish, uric acid, and calcium can lead to stones. In particular, spinach, nuts, meat, and chocolate are rich in “fisheries” that make stones, so you should be careful about eating them. Cool beer can also cause absenteeism. This is because purin in beer breaks down in the body and makes “uric acid.” In addition, it is recommended to avoid foods that are high in sodium, such as frozen foods and processed foods, by increasing calcium in the body.

stone-removing food
In order to prevent stone production, you must drink plenty of fluids. If the body lacks moisture, the amount of urine decreases, which makes urine concentrated and wastes more likely to clump. It is recommended to drink more than 2 liters of water a day to release waste smoothly. Fruits that taste sour, such as oranges, magnets, tangerines, and plums, are also prevented from being absent. Citric acid, which is rich in sour fruits, inhibits the production of stones and releases them out of the body. In addition, citric acid helps kill bacteria in the body and release waste matter.

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