Nozomi Sasaki overcame her husband’s affair and became pregnant…

Nozomi Sasaki overcame her husband’s affair and became pregnant with her second child

Nozomi Sasaki

Popular Japanese actor Nozomi Sasaki had a second child.

Nozomi Sasaki announced her second pregnancy through her Instagram account on the 17th. “I have a second child this time,” he said, adding, “I’m truly happy about the new life and the whole family is happy. “Both I and my child are in good health,” he said.

Nozomi Sasaki then said, “I want to thank you for your precious life and prepare to greet you with a smile,” adding, “I would appreciate it if the officials and the media watched warmly.”

Finally, he drew attention by posting a photo taken by his son, saying, “I will let you know again when I give birth safely.” Comments on the announcement of Sasaki Nozomi’s pregnancy are continuing to congratulate acquaintances and fans. 파워볼게임

Meanwhile, comedian Watabe Ken, the husband of Nozomi Sasaki, also wrote on his Instagram account, “I have a second child,” and added, “I will be more sincere with a big impression in my heart.”

Nozomi and Ken Watabe overcame the 15-year-old age gap and married in October 2017. He had his first son in September of the following year.

However, in 2020, after three years of marriage, it was revealed that her husband, Watabe Ken, continued to have affairs with a number of women, including adult actors, and the marital relationship was in crisis. Watabe Ken withdrew from all the broadcasts under social criticism, and the couple were embroiled in rumors of a divorce.

Then, Nozomi announced her husband’s return to work on her Instagram in February, and said, “I decided to watch my husband work hard from 0 in the future, and I am more grateful than ever and try to move forward with my family.”

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