The production team of “LIES OF P” said, “I’ll make a proper soul-like.”

The production team of “LIES OF P” said, “I’ll make a proper soul-like.”


Neowiz’s “LIES OF P,” which won three gold medals at the world’s top three game shows, Gamescom 2022, met domestic visitors through G-Star. Neowiz held a meeting at G-Star and expressed its ambition to be reborn as a “production company that makes the soul-like genre properly.”

Neowiz held a joint interview at BEXCO 2nd Exhibition Hall in Busan on the 17th with major producers gathered. Park Sung-joon, director of Round 8, false general director of P Choi Ji-won, and art director Noh Chang-kyu attended.

LIES OF P is a game adapted from the classic ‘Pinocchio’ into an adult atrocity. The background is the Belle-Efork period at the end of the 19th century. It is being developed as a new Soulike, which is rare in Korea.

The game drew attention at the Gamescom Awards held in Cologne, Germany, in August, achieving three gold medals for the first time in a Korean game company. In particular, since the trailer video was released, it has been mentioned the most on Twitter in the U.S. and ranked No. 1 in overall trends, followed by favorable reviews from overseas media such as the U.K. and U.S. “PC Gamer,” Japan’s “Family Tong,” and the U.S. “IGN.”

Neowiz has created a 100-bus exhibition hall at G-Star, including an outdoor plaza. The event featured a demo version of Korean subtitles and upgraded graphics. The game experience zone, which consists of a total of 50 PCs, allows users to enjoy the game.

Director Choi Ji-won, who participated in the interview, explained why he chose the Bellefork era as a background, saying, “Bellefork is expressed in terms of attempt, diversity, convergence, innovation, culture, and art, which are difficult to see in other games,” and added, “We also considered that the modern era in the 19th century is relatively unused in games.”

Battle was cited as a differentiating factor for the game. “We designed rules to deliver differentiated fun that we have not felt in existing soul-like games, and systemized elements that fit them,” he said. “We made it so that the combat fun can be maintained as long as possible by constantly changing meta.”

SoulLike, represented by the “Dark Soul” series of prom software, is known as a game with high difficulty in playing. Director Choi said, “P’s lies are not ridiculous extreme difficulty,” adding, “In the process of playing the game, experience and judgment are accumulated, and if they are accumulated enough, they are developed to the extent that they can be enjoyed.”

Neowiz plans to simultaneously release LIES OF Phood in the global market as a console and PC version next summer. Director Choi said, “I want to hear that it is a production company that can properly create the soul-like genre,” and stressed, “I want to make domestic users feel proud that they can showcase well-made console games in Korea.”

Regarding the recent entry of domestic game companies into the console market, he said, “I think it’s a very good flow and I’m rooting for it,” adding, “I hope companies with a lot of experience in development will come forward first and submit more works.”

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