Anya Taylor Joy husband’s embarrassed…

Anya Taylor Joy husband’s embarrassed…

Anya Taylor Joy

Anya Taylor Joy, who rose to stardom with “Queen Gambit,” is making headlines for wearing an outspoken revealing outfit during a date with her husband Malcolm McLeigh.

On the 18th (Korea Standard Time), the U.S. entertainment media Splash Dotcom released a photo of Hollywood actor Anya.

According to reports, Anya dated her husband, Malcolm McLeigh, a member of Band More, at a luxury restaurant in New York.

In the released photo, Anya is seen greeting the camera in a sexy dress with a deep chest.

Anya married band More member Malcolm McLeigh secretly in July.

Meanwhile, Anya is an American-born British actress who has appeared in a number of films, including The Witch, 23 Identity, Glass, and New Mutant. It became very popular in Korea with the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit.

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