Jude Bellingham, 19, top talent “I want Real Madrid”

Jude Bellingham, 19, top talent “I want Real Madrid”

Jude Bellingham

Dortmund’s “best talent in Europe” Jude Bellingham is known to be eager to transfer to Real Madrid.

Dortmund is 19 years young, but his skills are already recognized as Europe’s top midfielder. No wonder big clubs want Bellingham.

Numerous prestigious clubs, including Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, are watching Bellingham. Liverpool are particularly keen for Bellingham and are looking forward to recruiting him in the January transfer window.

But there is an ambush. Real. Real is also working hard to recruit Bellingham, and most importantly, Bellingham is showing a strong favor with Real.

Spanish media “Sport” reported that Bellingham is in mind to go to Madrid, and Real is also dominating the recruitment race.

The problem is negotiations with Dortmund. Bellingham signed a contract with Dortmund until 2025, giving Dortmund the upper hand in negotiations. There is no reason to sell it at a discounted price. Locally, Dortmund may want up to 150 million euros. It is a huge amount of about 208.2 billion won in Korean won.

“Sport” argued that it is questionable whether Real will be able to pay all of this, and that Liverpool also expects to sign a contract with about 100 million euros. Liverpool have a strong bond with Bellingham’s agent, while the player has a strong desire for Real, drawing attention to his future career.

Dortmund will hold talks with Bellingham after the Qatar World Cup. They check their minds whether they want to stay or leave, and then proceed with the work. If you can make a lot of money, sending it is not a bad choice.

Bellingham was selected for the England national team. He is also expected to play as a key player for England in the World Cup.

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