Britney reveals nudity to her son’s plea again

Britney reveals nudity to her son’s plea again


Will singer Britney Spears follow her song? Her hit song ‘Oops!…’ as if she doesn’t care about her son’s desperate appeal. Like “I Did It Again,” he posted another picture of the problem.

Spears posted a picture of her posing in a bathtub in her SNS on the 28th (Korea Standard Time). The chest was barely covered with hands, and the important part was barely covered with flower emoticons. At the same time, he added, “Keep clapping,” saying that he likes to tighten and put his stomach in. It is interpreted as a word to the haters.

Although it is a confident Spears, criticism continued. “I read the caption three times, but I’m still confused,” a series of responses said that they don’t know what Spears is expressing.

Spears has continued to release nude photos in recent months since her father’s guardianship was stripped in November last year and freed after 13 years.

His ex-husband Kevin Federline claimed that his two sons, 17-year-old Sean Preston and 16-year-old Jayden James, pleaded with their mother Spears to “please stop.”

Federline told the Daily Mail earlier this year: “I try to explain to them, ‘Maybe that’s another way for a mother to express herself.’ But it doesn’t take away the effects of it on children. “It’s hard. I can’t imagine what it feels like for teenagers to go to high school in this situation,” he confessed.

There is a view that nude photos are also a kind of resistance message for Spears, who is free from her father but still shows anger toward her parents who abused her. 사설토토

However, despite his son’s appeal for “Don’t take it off,” there are even more voices saying that there is a mental problem with posting nude photos that are more advanced.

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