Kim Hee-jin of “Recovery of Injury” finally won a real sword match…

Kim Hee-jin of “Recovery of Injury” finally won a real sword match with Kim Yeon-kyung…

Kim Hee-jin

It is a showdown between Heungkuk Life Insurance with a sharp spear and IBK Industrial Bank with a strong shield.

Heungkuk Life Insurance suffered a shutout loss in the previous game against Hyundai Engineering & Construction after winning five consecutive games, putting a brake on its winning streak. We need a foothold to hit again.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is trying to climb back up through IBK Industrial Bank with a strong offensive team. Yelena-Kim Yeon-kyung’s twin guns are considered the strongest in the league, and the center guarded by Kim Na-hee and Lee Joo-ah is also a combination that does not fall behind. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which made up a terrifying offensive team, is ranked first in the overall offensive category in the league.

However, it is often seen shaking in receiving. The key is how long Kim Dae-eun and Kim Mi-yeon, who are mainly serving the opponent, endure.

IBK is trying to block Heungkuk Life’s sharp spear through its biggest weapon, defense.

Shin Yeon-kyung, the team’s captain and main libero, is showing stable defense. Shin Yeon-kyung is ranked second with 8.63 defense per set, while Pyo Seung-ju is also ranked fifth with 6.39 defense per set. This is the highest number of players except Libero. Shin Yeon-kyung is also third in receiving efficiency with 51.3%. Thanks to this performance, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is ranked first in dig and defense. On top of that, Kim Hee-jin, who will be responsible for scoring, is also back. Kim Hee-jin scored only one point in the aftermath of the injury in the first round of the match, which was lost 0-3.

Will he be able to defend Heungkuk Life’s attack and bring victory through a counterattack?

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