“Nemhard Buzzerbeater’s 3-pointer” Indiana Reverses by 15 points

“Nemhard Buzzerbeater’s 3-pointer” Indiana Reverses by 15 points


The Indiana Pacers (Indiana) came from behind to beat the Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers) with a buzzer-beater three-point shot.

Indiana beat the Lakers by 116-115, one point, in the NBA’s 22-23 regular season at Crypto Dotcom Arena in Los Angeles, California, on the afternoon of the 29th (Korea Standard Time). This led Indiana to 12 wins and 8 losses.

Indiana’s Tyris Halliburton scored 24 points and 14 assists, Benedict Maserin 23 points and 8 rebounds, and Miles Turner scored 15 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists in the match. The Lakers fought hard with Anthony Davis with 25 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, four blocks, LeBron James with 19 points, five rebounds, and Westbrook with 24 points, four rebounds, and six assists, but the defeat faded the team.

The Lakers finished the first half with a six-point lead, 62-56, after a fierce battle with the ligament Ana. The Lakers started gearing up in the third quarter. Ronnie Walker IV, who had little performance in the first half, scored a breakthrough and scored three pull-ups for LeBron and Davis’ Fadeaway.

Indiana continued its pursuit with Halliburton and Hilde Duo’s successful three-position attacks. Then Westbrook began to dance. Westbrook succeeded in a three-point shot after receiving a 45-degree bank shot and Davis’ kickout pass, bringing the atmosphere back to the Lakers. The roaring Lakers finished the third quarter with a 93-84 nine-point lead.

The Lakers seemed to be closing the day until Westbrook’s And One Play and Gabriel’s entry pass early in the fourth quarter. Indiana scored a 10-0 score run with Aaron Nesmith’s consecutive three-point shots and Maaseline’s consecutive breakthrough scores. In response, the Lakers sent Davis back on the court to extinguish the chase.

Davis did a great job of rim protection as the team expected and even succeeded in a cut-in dunk. In addition, LeBron, who looked heavy, also scored a quick attack and ran away by 10 points again. However, as Westbrook, who came up to the court, committed consecutive turnovers, the score was narrowed again to the two-position game. 먹튀사이트

Turner responded with a three-point shot when Westbrook hit an open three-point shot regardless of his mistake. On top of that, Indiana chased Andrew Nemhard by one point as he made a three-point shot. Unfortunately, Indiana cleared two offensive rebounds from a chance to escape, but both failed and fouled Davis.

Davis missed one of the free throws he got with 40 seconds left before the end, creating a very close game. When Halliburton didn’t miss it and tied it, LeBron quickly inserted the plotter. With the defeat deepening, Halliburton caught the loose ball three seconds before the end and passed Nemhard on the opposite court, leading to a three-point shot. Indiana won the Lakers by 116-115, one point.

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