Sam Okyere has been flooded with malicious comments…

Sam Okyere has been flooded with malicious comments from netizens since the Korea-Kana match

Sam Okyere

While South Korea lost to Ghana at the Qatar World Cup, some Internet users are reportedly taking it out.

In the second Group H match of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup held on the 28th, South Korea lost to Ghana 2-3.

Among them, some Internet users are reported to be posting malicious comments on Instagram such as Son Heung-min and Anthony Tyler.

In particular, there are malicious comments on the YouTube channel of Sam Okyere, a Ghanaian broadcaster.

Some netizens criticized, saying, “Did you buy the referee?” “Go back to your country,” “I ran in anger after watching soccer,” and “I can’t stand it because I’m so angry.”

Among them, he made racist remarks such as “Kana soccer players won, but why are their faces so dark?” and “Kana chocolate.”

Earlier on the 27th, a day before the match against Ghana, Sam Okyere posted a photo on his Instagram story with the phrase “The biggest failure is not to challenge.”

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