Steam Chosun Cyberpunk’s ‘Sanabi’ positive evaluation overwhelms

Steam Chosun Cyberpunk’s ‘Sanabi’ positive evaluation overwhelms

Steam Chosun Cyberpunk's 'Sanabi'

The Joseon Cyberpunk action platformer game “Sanabi,” developed by Wonderport, is drawing attention with overwhelming positive reviews for about half a year since the launch of Steam Early Access. It has raised expectations for its official launch by going viral with its immersive story of sensuous wire action using chain arms and its unique pixel design that combines cyberpunk with traditional Korean clothing and street features.

Mago, a giant corporate city that is the mainstay of mountain butterflies, reminds us of the night streets of Korean cities with various signs shining. Due to the rapid acceptance of technology, Korean signboards, high-rise buildings, and roof tiles were added to the city’s cyberpunk appearance, and it was well received not only by domestic but also by overseas users.

After finishing the soft and pleasant tutorial at the beginning of the game, the game story unfolds in a reversed atmosphere. The storyline, which makes users feel connected to the character and wonder about the background, is also one of the popular factors.

It takes some time to enjoy mountain butterflies and become proficient in complex operations such as chain arm manipulation and jump action. If you are not familiar with platformer games that run on the scaffolding and avoid obstacles, you need to practice. Wonderport plans to find an appropriate balance of difficulty and supplement gameability by reflecting the opinions of users during the early access period.

Wonderport is an indie game developer composed of five college students. Last year, it raised more than 60 million won in sponsorship through the crowdfunding platform Tumblebuck and exceeded its target amount. Neowiz is in charge of publishing and supports domestic and global services. It is provided in seven languages, including Korean and English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

Sannabi introduced early access to the PC game distribution platform Steam in June this year. Since then, it has been evaluated as “overwhelmingly positive” through more than 1700 user recommendations. It also won the “Indie Game Award” at the Korea Game Awards, which selects the best game of the year. In addition to PCs, switch versions are also being prepared with the goal of official release in the first half of next year.

Yoo Seung-hyun, CEO of Wonderport, said, “We are very grateful for the high interest in Sannabi, the first game made by Wonderport,” adding, “We will work together with our colleagues and NeoWiz to accelerate development until the official release.”

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