Manchester United’s transfer market emergency 13 million

Manchester United’s transfer market emergency 13 million price


United are on alert. Enzo Fernandez (Benfica), who was targeted for recruitment, rose vertically to 까지13 million.

The British media Express said on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), “Manchester United wants to sign Fernandez at the start of recruitment in January next year.” Benfica reported that Fernández had set aside 133 million in ransom.

Fernandez, who was born in 2001, played in the 2022 Qatar World Cup in Argentina’s uniform. Fernández came on as a substitute in both games. In particular, in the second game against Mexico, he scored a wedge shot. He received Messi’s pass in the 42nd minute of the second half when his team was leading 1-0. Argentina rallied to a 2-0 victory over Mexico. Argentina suffered a shock 1-2 loss to Saudi Arabia in the first leg. Fernandez saved Argentina in crisis 토토추천

The Express said, ‘Benfica recruited Fernandez from River Plate (Argentina) last summer. The transfer fee was 10 million. But Fernandez’s value soared. Fernandez has only joined Benfica for six months. Nevertheless, it is drawing attention from English Premier League (EPL) clubs. United are keeping an eye on Fernandez. Benfica’s transfer fee
We set the price at 103 million.’

Citing a report by Portuguese media Avola, the media said, ‘Benfica has no intention of releasing Fernandez at a price lower than their set amount. Fernandes added: ‘It’s not just United, it’s Liverpool’s attention

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