Taeyeon selects K-pop Radar ‘Artist of the Month’

Taeyeon selects K-pop Radar ‘Artist of the Month’


Taeyeon, the fifth-year K-pop representative solo artist, has been selected as the K-pop radar’s “Artist of the Month.”

“Taeyeon’s ‘Weekend’ music video surpassed 5 million views in 69 hours after its release, and surpassed 10 million views in 350 hours,” K-pop Radar said on the 18th, adding that Taeyeon, who proved herself to be the leader of the second-generation girl group, is the artist of the month.

“It took 113 days for ‘What Do I Call You’ music video released in December last year to reach 10 million views, but ‘Weekend’ reached 10 million views in just 350 hours,” K-pop Radar said. “This is 7.8 times faster than the previous film.”

“As a result of analyzing the total YouTube views that occurred to Taeyeon for a month after the release of Weekend, a total of 54 million views were found,” he said. “About 67 percent of them are occurring overseas.” “Popular countries followed Korea by Thailand by 8.3%, Indonesia by 6.9%, India by 6.2%, and the Philippines by 3.2%, respectively,” he said, explaining that global popularity based in Southeast Asia is still ongoing.

It recorded remarkable growth not only in music videos but also in SNS fandom indicators. Taeyeon’s personal Instagram followers increased by more than 280,000 over a month, surpassing a cumulative 16.72 million. Spotify’s followers also showed an increase of 59,639 people, with 2 million followers on the horizon, showing popularity even in its 15th year since its debut.

In this month’s Artist of the Month, Taeyeon’s rising popularity was also analyzed. According to a survey conducted through “Blip,” an app service for K-pop fandom, the “Best Music Broadcast” selected by fans ranked first with about 33.9% of the support of “Music Core,” which aired on July 10. Taeyeon’s popular keywords were also named “Weekend” and “No.1,” and newly modeled “Youth Pizza” and “Olive Young,” revealing the face of a popular artist.

Meanwhile, K-pop Radar is a free service that allows the music industry to see the size and change of K-pop artists’ fandom at a glance at Space Auditori, which introduces the fan platform “Duckmate in My Hands, Bleep” which is receiving enthusiastic responses from K-pop fandom. Currently, 641 Korean teams are providing changes in real-time music video views, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, and Instagram followers in the form of websites, and it is making headlines by releasing “K-pop World Maps” every year. In particular, last year, the company signed an official partner agreement with Twitter to announce the 10-year growth graph and current status of K-pop.

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