There is Kim Ha-sung, but can’t you recover 51.7 billion

There is Kim Ha-sung, but can’t you recover 51.7 billion won in SD for the foolish act of a veteran shortstop?

Kim Ha-sung

“We have Fernando Tatis Jr. and Kim Ha-sung, and it is foolish to add a high-quality veteran shortstop.”

The San Diego Padres are connected to FA shortstop Xander Bogartz. With Bogartz as the main shortstop, the plan is to send Kim Ha-sung to second base and Jake Cronenworth to first base and convert Fernando Tatis Jr. to outfielder.

With Josh Bell and Brandon Drury released as FA, it is important to fill the gap in the first baseman. However, the East Village Times expressed its view on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) that San Diego’s plan is not desirable. It is pointed out that Cronenworth’s defense of second base is advantageous.

The East Village Times said, “According to some scenarios, Cronenworth will be the first baseman in the opening game of the 2023 season. It’s a scary thought. Cronenworth is not a slugger as a first baseman. He said, “He has a career batting average of 0.256 with an OPS of 0.770 while slightly exceeding 1,300 at-bats.”

He continued, “As a second baseman, the offensive productivity is above average, and putting him on first base is below average in terms of attack. Cronenworth is not as good at OPS and on-base percentage as Eric Hosmer. “It won’t help when you look at the entire lineup,” he said.

Cronenworth’s second base defense was also highly evaluated. The East Village Times said, “As a second baseman, I have a wide range of defense. If he is forced to play first base, he will lose that advantage. If you put him on first base, it’s a waste of his skills,” he said.

In this respect, San Diego looked negatively at considering recruiting Bogartz. The East Village Times said, “It’s an amazing concept. There are Tatis and Kim Ha-sung, and it is foolish to add veteran shortstop. As Kim Ha-sung plays as a second baseman, there are people who think Tatis can go to the outfield. “If that happens, Cronenworth will move to first base and Kim Ha-sung will be used as a utility platoon,” he said.

If San Diego actually recruits Bogartz, Kim Ha-sung is likely to move to second base. However, if the first baseman is recruited, Kim Ha-sung’s position will inevitably narrow. Jose Abreu, recently linked, signed with the Houston Astros. On the other hand, even if Tatis does not go to the outfield and plays as a shortstop, Kim Ha-sung’s playing time will be reduced. In this case, $39 million (about 51.7 billion won) for 4+1 years may not be fully recovered 파워볼사이트

East Times Village noted the aggressive tendencies peculiar to “Madman” A.J. Freeller. “San Diego can do anything. Juan Soto and Josh Hader have also been recruited in recent months. Neither seemed to be a realistic option for the Padres before the 2022 season. Freeler is trying to shock the world. “Prepare your heart.”

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