Acquired the original cue sheet of “2022 MMA”, live controversy fact check

Acquired the original cue sheet of “2022 MMA”, live controversy fact check

2022 MMA

Some of the documents on the cue sheet for the 2022 Melon Music Awards (2022 Melon Music Awards, hereinafter 2022 MMA) were released on the 26th. Artists, songs, stage movements, and props were written in about three to four chapters, drawing attention.

However, it has not been confirmed whether this document is an actual cue sheet. The author of the post claimed that the only singers who performed MR and band live were ENHYPEN, 10cm, MONSTA X, Lim Young-woong, and MeloMance. In addition, he said that he performed a live AR stage with both accompaniment and voice recorded, fueling criticism of the rest of the artists except for the five teams.

According to the 2022 MMA cue sheet obtained by the JTBC Entertainment News team, B.O., STAYC, ATBO, ENHYPEN, New Jeans, Eardrum Boys, Le Seraphim, Ive, Tomorrow X Together, Melomance, (G)I-DLE, 10cm, Big Night, Monsta X, and Lim Young-woong performed in turn. Among them, six teams, including B.O., ENHYPEN, MeloMance, 10cm, Big Natty, MONSTA X, and Lim Young-woong, staged a live stage with MR, while the youngest showed off their cool singing ability using MR on the stage that was pre-recorded.

In the case of Ive, “After LIKE” was held on a live AR stage, but “LOVE DIVE” was presented as a live MR. The same is true of (girls). “TOMBOY” is a live AR, and “Nude” is a live MR stage. One of the intro performances, member Soyeon’s self-written rap, was also live, not recorded.

Although the award is not disclosed on the cue sheet, the leakage of the cue sheet is always a problem at every award ceremony. Moreover, the leak of the MMA cue sheet became a problem as a version that was only released to the production team, not for the artists or staff. The cue sheet for the time table does not display LIVE MR or AR separately. Even so, it uses slang that only the production team can recognize. The MMA has made a fatal mistake. Unintentionally, the artist’s stage condition was revealed as it was, and singers naturally had to perform live, but artists who did not were hit hard.

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