ITZY and Park Jinyoung also transformed into a confident one

ITZY and Park Jinyoung also transformed into a confident one


The group ITZY (ITZY/YEJI, LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG, YUNA) has returned with a stately charm.

ITZY released its sixth mini-album “CHESHIRE” (Cheshire) through domestic and foreign music sites at 6 p.m. on November 30.

This album is the first new album released four months after ITZY’s fifth mini-album “CHECKMATE” released on July 15. ITZY, which raised expectations by releasing a series of various contents such as concept films, teaser photos, and music video teaser videos before its comeback, once again expanded its musical spectrum by challenging different music styles and concepts.

The new album included “Snowy,” a sampling of Beethoven’s “For Elise,” “Freaky” with straightforward lyrics, and the English single “Boys Like You,” which was pre-released on October 21. Leading writers such as Swedish composers Didrik Thott and Sebastian Thott, who participated in the title song “SNEAKERS” (Sneakers) of their previous work “CHECKMATE”, participated to enhance the completion of the album.

Cheshire, the title track, is an impressive track with a sophisticated sound on a heavy beat. It was co-written by Tim Tan, Ciara Muscat, Josefin Glenmark, and JAR (153/Joombas). The lyrics were written by Hwang Soo-min and Jeong Ha-ri from 153/Joombas.

What is noteworthy is that it is an attractive song with a slower tempo, groovy and dreamy atmosphere compared to existing ITZY hits such as “DALLA DALLA”, “WANNABE”, “LOCO” and “SNEAKERS”. The members expressed their expectations that they will be able to showcase ITZY’s unique charm to the audience through a style that is clearly different from the existing cheerful and energetic songs.

ITZY said at a showcase ahead of its comeback, “It’s an album that took a lot of time and effort,” adding, “I thought this song would be able to reveal each member’s individuality and approach more people in a mysterious way.” JYP Entertainment’s CEO Park Jin-young praised the album as his favorite among ITZY albums.

The message in the new song is also ITZY-like. ITZY borrowed Cheshire, a character in “Alice in Wonderland,” and sang that he would trust himself and walk away, even if I am unknown, because there are no fixed answers in many worries and questions. The members are flexible and confident in their new song, “Hey, why serious? / Trust me as I see it / Nothing’s wrong, right? / Can you see me? / Hey, why so curious? / Don’t get serious / Anything’s right / Lalalala.”

ITZY’s goal, which debuted in 2019, was ‘1st ITZY’, not ‘2nd OO’. For the past three years, it has maintained an original and independent direction that meets that goal. Among K-pop fans, there are a series of favorable reviews such as “ITZY-like” and “ITZY’s own color.” ITZY’s next move, which is showing various styles and concepts based on a firm message, is also expected.

Meanwhile, ITZY first entered the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” at 148th place with its fourth mini-album “GUESS WHO” in April last year. In September of the same year, the first full-length album “CRAZY IN LOVE” ranked 11th in “Billboard 200” and the fifth mini album “CHECKMATE” ranked 8th in “Billboard 200” this July, respectively, proving the appearance of a “K-pop trend girl group.” Attention is focusing on what achievements will be achieved through the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.

ITZY said, “I talk a lot with the members about what kind of future I want to create. In the process, what always comes out is that I want to be a memorable artist for a long time, including the moment I’m working hard, he said. “That’s how much we’re doing our best every moment, and we’ll continue to do our best to show good performances.”

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