Ginger for inflammation, don’t forget!!!!!!!

Ginger for inflammation, don’t forget.


How about a cup of hot ginger tea in the morning and evening when the chilly wind blows? Ginger contains ingredients that help blood circulation and keep the body warm. Exposure to the stimulating environment of summer, weakened immunity, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on aging organs. In particular, it has excellent effects in restoring the health of the scalp and skin, which were not free from bacterial reproduction and inflammation due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays and humid air.

Ginger is characterized by its pungent and spicy taste. This flavor is caused by ingredients called gingerol and shogaols. Ginger rolls and shoganol help blood circulation go smoothly. It delivers oxygen and nutrition to the body and normalizes blood pressure and temperature to relieve cold hands and feet. It is also effective in preventing vascular diseases by removing cholesterol.

Ginger rolls and shoganol also provide sterilization, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects. When you enjoy raw fish, you add ginger to prevent food poisoning. Consistent consumption of ginger helps to alleviate or prevent food poisoning, as well as inflammation such as dermatitis, scalp inflammation, and gingivitis.

When choosing ginger, it is recommended that the meat is firm and smooth overall. Small dungs are gathered to form large dungs, so use tools such as teaspoons to carefully remove dirt and foreign substances between gaps. If you put it in a pork dish such as stir-fried spicy pork, it will cure the smell, and if you put it in a fish dish such as braised mackerel, the fishy smell will disappear. Ginger can be excessively stimulating to enjoy alone. If you make it green with lemon, you can enjoy the sweet and sour taste without burden.

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