Jang Yoonjung spent 5 billion won on the Yeouido penthouse

Jang Yoonjung spent 5 billion won on the Yeouido penthouse

Jang Yoonjung

Singer Jang Yoon-jung is on the lips of netizens because of the ultra-high-priced residence in Yeouido (living accommodation facility), which she spent 5 billion won on sale.

Jang Yoonjung recently bought a penthouse of a luxury residence in Yeouido for 5.3 billion won. The contract was signed through its affiliated corporation and the down payment of 530 million won has also been paid.

With the market for the sale of profitable real estate, living accommodation facilities frozen under high-interest rates, the news that Jang Yoon-jung signed an expensive penthouse became a “completion rain.”

The fact that Jang Yoon-jung has shown talent in real estate investment technology, with the sale price of apartments in Yongsan, which she purchased last year, has become a positive factor for those who hesitated to sell them.

Since then, Jang Yoon-jung’s name has been added in front of the residence. Along with the phrase that Jang Yoon-jung had a permanent view of the Han River from Yeouido, it was called the “residence chosen by Jang Yoon-jung.”

However, as the “backside” of living accommodation facilities has recently been spotlighted, Jang Yoon-jung, who was used for celebrity marketing, has also become inevitable.

The residence is a living accommodation facility and is not a residential facility where you can live. However, it was also controversial because some of the living quarters advertised and sold the living accommodation facilities as “high-end residential complexes” and guided how to live conveniently.

Although Jang Yoon-jung did not encourage the sale, negative public opinion was formed on the grounds that it could affect the choice to some extent.

If Jang Yoonjung allowed the use of the name and received the benefits of the sale, she would have to endure negative public opinion, but without promotional consultations, she would have suffered unnecessary image damage.

Regarding this, an official from Jang Yoon-jung’s agency told TV Daily on the 1st, “It is true that we signed a residence contract in Yeouido. However, he said, “We have never consulted or agreed to promote the use of names in sales advertisements.” An official added, “We plan to strongly request the sale officials to delete the ones with Jang Yoon-jung’s name.”

An official from the sales company told TV Daily, “I didn’t intend to use Jang Yoon-jung’s purchase as an advertisement, but I unintentionally went out as an article.” “In fact, other celebrities bought it, but it seems that only Jang Yoon-jung received attention because it is so famous,” he explained.

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