“Gannibal”, the original popularity, to the world…

“Gannibal”, the original popularity, to the world…


The Walt Disney Company held a press conference for “Gannibal,” an original Japanese content, at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on the morning of the 1st (local time). Lead actors Yuya Yagira and director Shinzo Katayama attended the scene.

“Gannibal” is a thriller adapted from a popular manga series into a live-action film. Arriving at a quiet rural village, a police officer deals with a series of shocking incidents that he encounters when he realizes the horrifying problems of the villagers.

It was adapted by Takamasa Oe, who was co-produced by Teruhisa Yamamoto, the producer of the Academy Award-winning film “Drive My Car,” and Tatsuya Iwakura, and was nominated for an Academy Award for “Drive My Car.”

Shinjo Katayama first challenged the thriller with “Kannibal.” When asked about the difference from other thriller works, he said, “The village is the background. It depicts what happens in a closed space. The fact that it happened in a separate place from other regions seems to differentiate it from other thriller movies. “It’s special that it’s an environment that takes a long time even if you try to ask for help,” he said.

Yuya Yagira said, “The original was interesting. It is a popular work. I heard that other actors who appeared with me were also reading the original, he said. “I think the charm of the original is the director’s favorite theme.” I’m happy to be able to participate in the director’s view of the world. “Most of all, I was interested in making this kind of material on Disney Plus,” he said.

Shinjo Katayama tried to make the best of the movie while maintaining the original version. He said, “It’s my first time working with the original cartoon. After reading the cartoon for the first time, I thought a lot about how to convert the image of the cartoon into a video. “The story itself has some comical parts, and there are many parts that are described in great detail,” he said.

“I made it thinking about how to express it effectively by taking advantage of the characteristics of the video. Various methods that can be expressed in video through special filming techniques, such as taking it with a long take or passing time quickly in the same angle, were devised and reflected in the work. “I hope you pay more attention to the expression and reality of the movie while making it based on the original.”

In particular, the two expressed satisfaction with their collaboration with Disney. Shinjo Katayama said, “The part that prioritized quality and spent time and budget was special this time,” and Yuya Yagira said, “I felt that it was not a work only for Korea.” I felt that the industry was moving very loudly, and that I was at the forefront. Through this work, I thought that consciousness was gradually moving toward the global level. “It felt like a level-up for me,” he said.

Since the work is released all over the world, there are parts that were filmed more carefully. Shinjo Katayama said, “It is common in Japan to monitor neighbors, but I wonder how the world sees this. I wanted it to look funny, special, scary. “It was hard to express that,” he confessed.

“The first scene is a long take, and the police are approaching for about a minute or two. Using two cranes, people exchanged hand-to-hand and paid a lot of attention to technology. There is also a scene where a bear appears, and it is made with CG. It was difficult for CG characters and live-action characters to fight and interfere together. He said, “I decided to challenge scenes that I had not tried because of the high difficulty despite time and budget limitations.”

“So far, most of the works have been aimed at domestic audiences in Japan. There were many works that didn’t work well even if I tried to distribute them around the world. Animation was mainly popular, and live-action works continued to be difficult due to box office performance. Among them, I think the time has come for audiences from other countries to think about how to see this work and what kind of work to make in the global market. I’m not in the lead position, but I think this trend will increase in the future. “I think that will become important,” he said.

“I don’t know what season 2 will be like, but what I did well and what I didn’t do remains a challenge in my mind. I hope that I can challenge this and expand my appearance further. “I hope to create works for the global market,” he said.


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