Valencia’s Lee Kang-in transfer is an unacceptable mistake

Valencia’s Lee Kang-in transfer is an unacceptable mistake

Lee Kang-in

Spain’s Valencia strongly expressed its intention to recruit Cho Kyu-sung, regretting the transfer of Lee Kang-in in the past.

Valencia traded Lee Kangin to Mallorca last season. Spanish media “Elgol Digital” also criticized owner Peter Lim, calling it an “unacceptable mistake.”

At that time, Valencia gave up Lee Kang-in, who was considered one of the world’s top prospects who grew up in the club’s youth team to recruit Andre from Real Valladolid, to Mallorca without receiving any transfer fee. Andre signed a five-year contract with a fee of 8.5 million euros, but his performance is far below expectations. He played as a backup striker and scored only one goal in 29 games last season and one goal in 11 games this season. On the other hand, Lee Kang-in has established himself as a key striker for Mallorca this season. He is scoring two goals and three assists.

The media said, “The owner of Peter Lim plans not to make the same mistake. “We ordered the recruitment of Cho Kyu-sung, the head of the team,” he said.

“South Korea lost 2-3 but Cho Kyu-sung proved to be higher than other players,” he said adding, “It is attracting attention from coach Zenaro Gattuso and Valencia.”

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