“Veteran 2” Hwang Jung-min → Jung Hae-in, cast confirmed…

“Veteran 2” Hwang Jung-min → Jung Hae-in, cast confirmed…

Veteran 2

The movie “Veteran 2” will confirm the casting and crank in December.

The sequel to the movie “Veteran,” which attracted more than 10 million viewers, “Veteran 2,” depicts a new crisis facing detective Seo Do-chul (Hwang Jung-min) and veteran violent crime investigators.

“Veteran 2,” which drew attention only with the confirmation of the production, will once again show strong loyalty and solid breathing with actors Hwang Jung-min, Oh Dal-soo, Jang Yoon-joo, Oh Dae-hwan, and Kim Si-hoo, who led the first movie’s

On top of that, actor Jung Hae-in newly joined as the youngest detective in the violent crime investigation unit, heralding the birth of a more powerful “Veteran” series.

First of all, South Korea’s leading actor Hwang Jung-min, who showed strong performances through various works such as “The Duke,” “Save Me from Evil,” “The Hostage” and “The Suriname,” will return as detective Seo Seo-cheol. Seo Seo-cheol will not only show a more experienced veteran look, but also show more lively action with his long-time colleague, the violent crime investigation team. Actor Jung Hae-in, who has shown a wide range of acting spectra through various works such as “Start-up,” “Music Album of Yoo Yeol,” “Connect,” and “D.P., has joined as the youngest detective of the violent investigation unit, Park Sun-woo, drawing attention.

New members of the original veteran criminal team will add new tension and fun, drawing keen attention to whether he will create another life character.

In addition, as a detective of the violent crime investigation unit, who will team up with detective Seo Seo-cheol, all the actors who shone in the first movie joined to cast the entire group. First of all, actor Oh Dal-soo will play the role of “Team Leader Oh,” who will show pleasant chemistry with “Seo Seo-cheol” following the previous movie, and will also show a unique chemistry with his unique performance. The role of Detective Bong, who showed off his fierce and hot charm in “Veteran,” will be joined by Jang Yoon-joo, who showed outstanding acting talent in “The Three Sisters” and “Paper House.” Actor Oh Dae-hwan, who has established himself as a luxury scene stealer through various works such as “Save Me from Evil” and “Clothes Sleeve Red End-dong” will then be joined by actor Kim Si-hoo, who returned to the screen for the first time in a while.

Ryu Seung-wan, who caught the megaphone of “Veteran 2” following “Veteran,” said, “I’m trying to show a sense of excitement that is stronger than the previous one and different from the previous one.” The staff and actors who can trust and rely on each other are gathered in one place, and we will do our best together,” he said. In addition, Hwang Jung-min also said, “I am excited and happy to meet the ‘Veteran’ team and new family members that I have been with. “This time, I will pour my energy into filming with the actors and staff and greet you with a good movie,” he said.

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