2023 Stove League Running Towards the Climax

2023 Stove League Running Towards the Climax

2023 Stove League

Amid growing expectations for the 2023 season, the movement of teams that have yet to fill all the blanks in the roster, including the Guangdong Freaks, has also accelerated.

On the first day of December, when he was expected to catch his breath after a hectic November, the LCK stove league broke everyone’s expectations and went back busy.

The biggest move was the Cantonese Freix (hereinafter referred to as Cantonese). On the last day of November, he explained the situation through social network channels, “We have completed the roster and are finalizing the administrative procedures for the contract,” and added, “We will announce it quickly through the team channel when the process is all over.” Guangdong, which promised, filled all three empty seats the next day.

Guangdong, which recruited “Dudu” Lee Dong-joo as a top liner and “Jun” Yoon Se-joon as a supporter, promoted “Bulldog” Lee Tae-young, who was a second-tier mid-liner, and confirmed the six-member system with “Youngjae” Ko Young-jae, “Tae-yoon” Kim Tae-yoon, and “Frame” Jung Jae-hoon. In addition, coach Kim Gun-woo joined the coaching staff and almost completed the formation of the team.

In addition, Guangdong will deliver stories related to the selection of rosters through “KWANG-IN,” a communication broadcast involving CEO Chae Jung-won, Secretary-General Joo Young-dal, head coach Kim Dae-ho, and all first-tier teams from 7 p.m. on the 6th.

Reeve Sandbox (hereinafter Sandbox) also released information on the new roster. Sandbox, which previously announced that it had signed a contract with the “2022 Spring Split Average One-shot Deal Volume” and the “2021 Summer Split Number of Gangking Successes per game,” introduced long-distance dealers and the “2022 LCK Summer Split Gold-based Line Indicator.” Among them, supporters were able to confirm “Kael” Kim Jin-hong through an additional explanation of the 2022 LCK Summer All-LCK Third Team.

As Sandbox set the second week of December as “Boxing Week” and announced that it would unveil the LCK team and Challengers team’s roster, the event is expected to showcase all the rosters, and on the 10th, it will also hold a “Boxing Day in Busan” event to meet home fans at the Busan e-Sports Stadium.

On the other hand, Freddie Brion, who surprised him by unveiling the roster this week, had a break.k.a. break. Fredit Brion, who surprised “Effort” Lee Sang-ho with a surprise card and announced the return of “Morgan” Park Lu-han and “Hena” Park Jeung-hwan, adjusted his breathing by announcing the renewal of the Challengers’ “Polu” Oh Dong-kyu, and is now only about to announce Jungler-Midliner.

Meanwhile, DRX made no announcement on the first day of December except for the news of “Jun” Yoon Se-jun’s transfer to Guangdong, adding to fans’ curiosity.

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