Yoon Je-moon, the spirit of the production team …

Yoon Je-moon, the spirit of the production team who removed the whiskey shoes

Yoon Je-moon

The year-end hit JTBC drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate House” attracts attention with props and devices that follow each character like a shadow. It doubles interest with a kind of accessory that helps the protagonist’s emotional and psychological description.

Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Sung-min), chairman of Sunyang Group, always keeps his mind together by drinking tea or doing calligraphy. Donuts often appear when Oh Se-hyun (Park Hyuk-kwon), a partner who calls Jin-joon (Song Joong-ki) a “Korean youth,” appears. It serves as a medium that allowed the two to meet in the United States and a device that binds them together.

The second son, Sunyang Fire & Marine Insurance CEO Cho Han-chul, who entered a full-fledged succession war with his brothers, is also often seen relieving stress with whiskey. Last week, he met Do-joon and suggested that he hand over a 30% stake in Sunyang Department Store to him, but he was also ahead of him.

However, there is not even a common Valentine around Yoon Je-moon, the eldest son of Sunyang Group who is under the most extreme stress. An emergency situation in which an emergency light came in on the principle of succession of the eldest son after being slapped by the father. In the eighth inning, when Do-jun tried to bring his stake in the department store alone in a lounge with a good night view, a table was placed on the table.

It was the consideration of the production team for Yoon Je-moon, who was criticized for his history of drunk driving. An official from SLL, the production company of “The Conglomerate House,” said on Dec. 5, “I’m not sure if Yoon Je-moon’s agency asked for it or if the writer excluded the drinking scene on his own, but there will be no scene where he drinks.”

Regarding this, a producer of an outsourcing company said, “As I was cast after many twists and turns, it is common sense to think that I removed the drinking scene to avoid damaging the work.” Some advocates say, “Let’s watch the change more,” but some sarcastically say, “I think someone from the production team is wearing a gun for Yoon Je-moon, but it’s a beautiful spirit of partnership.”

Yoon Je-moon was caught drunk driving three times in 2010, 2013, and 2016 and was fined. In 2016, he was sentenced to eight months in prison, two years of probation, and 40 hours of compliance driving lectures. In 2017, ahead of the release of the movie “Daddy’s Daughter,” there were cases where it was suspended due to a disturbance during an interview due to excessive drinking the previous day. The 8th episode, which aired on December 4th, has a viewer rating of 19.4% (national standard), and is on a high march.

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