SEVENTEEN Hoshi homeroom teacher left a message

SEVENTEEN Hoshi homeroom teacher left a message


The story of his school days, written by Hoshi’s homeroom teacher, a member of the group Seventeen, became a hot topic.

Yesterday (4th), an online community introduced a blog with an article titled “A teacher who was in charge of an idol trainee posted it.”

The blog is run by a teacher who was in charge of Hoshi in the past, and the homeroom teacher wrote in a blog post, “I met the child for the first time in the first year of transfer. “Hoshi, a member of SEVENTEEN who is now famous,” he wrote.

The teacher said, “The class already treated him like a celebrity. He explained the atmosphere of the class where the idol trainee was, saying, “It was difficult and he took everything for granted.”

While consulting (with Hoshi), the teacher carefully asked, “Why don’t you stop here because you’re afraid it’ll stop being a dream you can’t catch?” In a clear and clear voice, the child said, ‘I can die dancing on stage,’ and introduced an anecdote with him.

The teacher went on to say, “After consultation, I decided to do my best to help with all activities,” adding, “Yellow-haired and morning classes at humanities high schools that aim to enter college.” Of course, the school was strongly opposed,” he added.

The teacher, who persuaded the school for Hoshi’s dream, said, “In particular, I promised to guide other children not to affect them. That’s how the child walked hard toward his dream.”

In the meantime, the teacher seems to have donated (Hoshi) with the hard-earned money. “I was contacted that I offered a scholarship to my alma mater, but there was a placard hanging in front of my alma mater,” he said, sharing a picture of the banner he found on the walk.

The placard in the photo said that he donated a total of 100 million won to the local welfare foundation, along with the words “good sharing for the vulnerable SEVENTEEN Hoshi.”

Finally, the teacher said, “Sometimes a famous celebrity asks how it feels to be a student. It’s just the same. He said, “If all children live hard in search of their own dreams, there is nothing happier than that,” adding, “I walked farther than usual because my head was complicated, and I guess I was trying to see this banner like a gift.”

Earlier, Hoshi donated a scholarship to his alma mater through his parents, saying, “Please use it so that juniors in need can achieve their dreams.” At that time, Hoshi’s parents thanked the school, saying, “It was difficult to maintain my studies due to difficulties in my family when I was in high school, but I graduated safely with the consideration of the principal and homeroom teacher.”

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