BTS Jimin birthday event. The fans are also “K-pop front fans.”

BTS Jimin birthday event. The fans are also “K-pop front fans.”

BTS Jimin

Fan support to celebrate BTS (BTS) Jimin’s birthday has drawn attention as a representative example of leading a new fandom culture.

Last month, a music critic discussion on the theme of K-pop Radar’s “2022 K-pop trend keyword” selected “birthday cafe” as one of the main keywords, and posted photo booths at birthday cafes and theme parks in Seongsu Federal Reserve in commemoration of Jimin’s birthday in 2022.

While the “birthday cafe” culture has already become widely established as a “K-pop culture phenomenon,” the broadcast said, “Birthday cafes were originally an event, but now they have developed and evolved a little more,” showing that Jimin’s birthday event is recognized as a class on a different level than just a cafe event.

Jimin’s birthday event, which occupied the entire Seongsu Federation for the first time as an idol, created a variety of fun theme parks, including outdoor mini exhibitions, greenhouse cafe “Cheonsang House” and pizza restaurant operations, and was a hot topic in Korea’s real-time trend.

Among them, the photo booth, which was posted as a representative example of the “birthday cafe” of the “2022 K-pop trend keyword,” drew particular attention by reproducing Jimin’s “BE” album concept photo as it is.

The Seongsu Federal Birthday Project, which drew attention with Jimin’s popularity, high popularity, and strong fan firepower and fresh planning, became more famous as it led to an unusual extension of the local economy in recognition of many fans’ visits.

Meanwhile, a domestic political news magazine introduced the airline’s marketing strategy with airplane wrapping on November 29, referring to Jeju Air’s “BTS Jimin Photo Wrapping Plane,” which was Jimin’s birthday support in 2021.

Last year’s BTS Jimin-themed flight was an all-time event that paid attention not only to domestic but also to foreign media, and there were also a series of authentication shots of fans who used Jeju Air to ride the “Jimin plane.”

In addition, numerous fans visited the entire outer wall wrap project of Konkuk University Station and had to extend the event at the request of nearby merchants, and the 2020 “Jimin Theme Street” also caused an explosive reaction with various attractions, revitalizing the Myeong-dong commercial district, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19.

Jimin+October, a global fandom festival that enjoys Jimin’s birthday in October, is one of the most symbolic examples of birthday projects, leading the K-pop culture with its huge scale, fresh ideas, and great topics, which are the world’s largest, largest and first modifiers.

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