Jung Jae-won won first place in “Actor Project”…

Jung Jae-won won first place in “Actor Project” at the Seoul Independent Film Festival.

Jung Jae-won

The Seoul Independent Film Festival 2022 announced seven winners of the Actor Project-60 Seconds Monologue Festival, which marks its fifth anniversary this year.

The honor of the first place was won by rookie Jung Jae-won, who has only appeared in about 10 short films in line with the purpose of the project. Kwon Leaf-sae and Yang Eui-jin, who captivated the scene with an atmosphere that only he could show, won second place, while Kim Chun-sik and Choi Ga-eun, who made the project site a sea of laughter with interesting content and acting.

The “Director’s Choice” category, which was chosen by the directors of the 2022 screening film at the Seoul Independent Film Festival, was won by Kim Seo-hee and Won Da-hyun, who showed appealing performances.

Byun Yo-han, who served as a judge, said, “It was a time to learn and be stimulated once again through this opportunity that it is important to tell the story boldly and courageously. I applaud the 24 actors,” he encouraged.

The Seoul Independent Film Festival established the Independent Star Award in 2009 and has steadily shed light on the performances of independent film industry actors such as Lee Ju-young, Lee Sang-hee, Jeon Yeo-bin, Byun Yo-han, Kim Jae-hwa, Jeong Ha-dam, and Ahn Ji-ho. The “Actor Project,” which started four years ago at the suggestion of actor Kwon Hae-hyo, is an event organized to create a venue for communication and meeting as creators and actors actively interact.

This year, 1,933 participants competed fiercely for the preliminary hearing. The final screening was attended by actors Kwon Hae-hyo and Cho Yoon-hee, Byun Yo-han, who won the 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival’s Independent Star Award for “Social Phobia” and “Brother and Sister,” Kim Do-young, who directed “Kim Ji-young Born in 1982,” and Byun Young-joo of “Hwacha.” In addition, directors of the 2022 screening film at the Seoul Independent Film Festival participated in the screening of the “Director’s Choice” category in the form of online voting.

The preliminary performance of the seven winners as well as the actors who came to their real intentions this year can be seen on YouTube’s Seoul Independent Film Festival channel.

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