Bionia Begins to Enter Europe for Functional Cosmetics

Bionia Begins to Enter Europe for Functional Cosmetics to Mitigate Hair Loss Symptoms


Bionia is quickly seeking to enter the overseas market by registering CPNP certified by European EU cosmetics for Cosmerna ARLI, a functional cosmetics that is scheduled to be released within this year.

According to Bionia on the 20th, CPNP is a cosmetics registration portal under the European Commission. It is a gateway that must be passed to enter the European cosmetics market, and Europe is not a “authorization system” but a “registration system,” so once CPNP registration is completed, it can enter the market in earnest.

Bionia conducts microbial testing and formulation and all ingredient stability tests for CPNP registration. Germany’s leading global certification agency, Derma Test, plans to conduct human application tests with Germany’s Derma Test for more than six months to obtain the highest rating in the usability assessment.

“Cosmerna ARLI,” which is scheduled to be released by Bionia, is the world’s first functional cosmetic that relieves hair loss symptoms based on short-interfering RNA (siRNA) gene technology. This product is applied with SAMiRNA, the source technology of Bionia, and has the effect of breaking down messenger RNA (mRNA), which has genetic information that makes proteins that are involved in hair loss. Unlike existing products, it can help solve hair loss symptoms more fundamentally.

Previously, Bionia conducted three human application tests in Korea on Cosmer or ARLI, proving that the human body has no side effects or innate immune response. Bionia plans to release its products in the domestic market at the same time as the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s approval in the second half of the year. When Cosmer or AI completes registration of European cosmetics (CPNP) in the future, it plans to expand its sales not only in Korea but also in the global market with differentiated marketing strategies for high-function products.

“We will successfully launch Cosmerna ARLI, which has high-tech technology in line with the current global hair loss population, and launch it as a global product that will lead the hair loss market at home and abroad.” said a company official.

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