Krafton Wins 2022 Trade Day ‘Tower of $1 Billion Export’

Krafton Wins 2022 Trade Day ‘Tower of $1 Billion Export’


Krafton announced on the 6th that it won the “Tower of $1 billion Export” in 2022 to mark the 59th anniversary of “Trade Day” hosted by the Korea International Trade Association and organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

The “Tower of Export” is an award given to companies that have contributed to improving national export competitiveness and industrial development. Krafton won its third top export award, including $600 million in 2018 and $800 million in 2021. In particular, it was the only game company to record $1 billion in exports this year, showing a strong aspect as a global game company that accounts for 94% of overseas sales.

Kim Chang-han, CEO of Krafton, said, “The top prize of $1 billion in exports is the result of recognizing that contents such as Battleground have contributed greatly to the development of the national economy and industry. Krafton will continue to discover and expand global mega IP based on its game production and publishing capabilities.”

Krafton has been developing platforms, services, and regional customized strategies to meet global users’ expectations, focusing on the flagship game PUBG: Battleground (hereinafter referred to as Battleground), which is being serviced in more than 200 countries around the world.

Battleground has maintained its growth since the free conversion in January this year, and “Battleground Mobile,” which has been more than four years since its launch, also provides users with a fresh game play experience such as IP collaboration and the launch of a new map, and continues to have a global influence of Battleground IP. In addition, the survival horror game “Calisto Protocol” was released globally on December 2nd, and it has continued to challenge the genre and platform without limit.

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