All I can think about is winning the I.V. Grand Prize

All I can think about is winning the I.V. Grand Prize

Grand Prize

The group Ive decorated its first cover of the new year of the fashion magazine Vogue.

Fashion magazine Vogue released a pictorial and interview with Ive on the 20th.

The released pictorial drew attention as it features Ive wearing chic black outfits that show each person’s individuality and showing his unique charisma while looking at the screen.

The combination of Ive’s dazzling visuals in the pictorial and the mysterious atmosphere of black-and-white photos has created a perfect pictorial that evokes admiration.

Leader Ahn Yu-jin said, “I thought there was no sense of reality. The moment Ive was called, I just thought it was like a dream,” he recalled the moment of winning the grand prize.

In response, Autumn said, “As I received the Rookie of the Year award and the Grand Prize together, I asked myself if I was ready to move on to the next step. The grand prize is big enough to be the goal of my career, and thankfully, I was able to achieve it in a short period of time. Since I won the award, I think about how to move forward, not the end here,” he added.

In addition, Jang Won-young said, “I am thinking about what ultimate happiness is. “My job is to deliver energy and happiness to people, and I think I need happy energy first to do that,” he said recently, adding that he is looking for an answer to the nature of happiness.

More pictorials and interviews with Ive’s colorful charms can be found in the January 2023 issue of Vogue.

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