Koo Joon-yeop and his wife have a strong belief in the fake new..

Koo Joon-yeop and his wife have a strong belief in the fake news of infidelity and drugs, “Love is getting stronger.”

Koo Joon-yeop

Clone Koo Jun-yeop showed his unwavering affection for his wife Seo Hee-won.

According to local Chinese media such as Sina Entertainment, Koo Jun-yeop conducted an interview with Singapore media ahead of his appearance in the festival “Don’t Let Daddy No” in Singapore on the 31st. “Our love will become stronger and more meaningful,” he said. “We don’t feel barriers such as language or culture. We communicate in English and teach each other Korean and Chinese.

Koo Joon-yeop and Seo Hee-won dated 20 years ago, but they broke up due to various circumstances. Seo Hee-won later married businessman Wang So-bi and had two children, but divorced last year. Upon learning of Seo Hee-won’s divorce, Koo Jun-yeop called Seo Hee-won and their relationship resumed. After completing marriage registration in both countries in March, they became a legal couple and were blessed by many. 사설토토

However, the Wangsobi family and fake news blocked the newlyweds. Seo Hee-won filed a lawsuit saying that Wang So-bi did not pay the promised child support, and her ex-mother-in-law Jang-ran raised rumors of Seo Hee-won’s drug use and affair. In response, Seo Hee-won said that the drug use rumor was groundless, and Koo Jun-yeop even released the photo and explained, saying, “How can you keep insisting that the two are the same person?” In response, clone Kang Won-rae’s wife, Kim Song, said, “I bought a witness! “You all know clone fans,” he said in a supportive firing.

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