Why Squat Position Is Hard…Because I don’t know this.

Why Squat Position Is Hard…Because I don’t know this.


Range of motion is the degree to which a joint can be fully extended and fully bent. Restrictions on this range interfere with daily life or sports.

For example, there are times when you groan on your own when you do a particular exercise. One of the reasons is that the body cannot move because of problems with the range of joints.

Anyone who exercises needs to be aware of the working range of the joints. Understanding the working range of proper joints is essential for healthy and effective training. The online edition of the American men’s magazine “Mens Health” introduced the effects of the range of joints on exercise.

If there is an abnormality in the shoulder joint, both arms cannot be raised straight up. It is difficult to do a proper squat position with stiff hips and ankles. The fundamental problem is the same. That the joint cannot be moved to full working range.

There are more than 250 joints in the body, including ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows. The degree of flexibility varies from joint to joint, but if there is a limit to the range of operation, exercise cannot be executed in the right posture and the full potential cannot be achieved.

This is why sports players focus not only on strength, endurance, and agility, but also on training to increase the range of operation (or mobility) of their joints. Operability is the key to solving the secrets of almost all motor skills.

For ordinary people, even if they do not succeed 100 percent immediately, they must strive to maintain the right posture in all sports. If it’s hard to do a full squat position because of its mobility, it’s better to start with a half squat or a quarter squat.

Fitness is a game that needs a long time. Exercising within the working range of the joints currently available can help improve performance. In fact, studies show that muscle training is as effective as stretching in improving operability.

Adding movable exercise to the daytime exercise routine can also help improve the range of operation of the joints. There is a movement that should never be done. Just out of the desire to lift heavier weights, the barbell is intentionally repeatedly lifted in a smaller operating range. It is called partial repetitive training. Depending on the circumstances, there is an advantage in performing partial iterations, but this is not the case.

Studies show that rather than exercising by reducing the operating range of the joint, performing the motion at full operating range can achieve a greater muscle gain with less weight.

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