Actor Park Sung-hoon first “one-top movie” in “TV Cinema..

Actor Park Sung-hoon first “one-top movie” in “TV Cinema-Distributors” is expected to perform enthusiastically

 Park Sung-hoon

The viewing points of KBS2’s “Drama Special 2022-TV Cinema”‘s second film, “Distributors,” have been revealed.

The second film of “Drama Special 2022-TV Cinema,” scheduled to air at 9:50 p.m. on the 28th, is a desperate chase story of a man whose life was ruined in an instant by a mistake, and is a crime-tracking thriller that depicts the reality of digital crime.

First of all, actor Park Sung-hoon (played by Do Yu-bin) pointed out that it is a “multi-platform” work as a viewing point for “distributors.” He said, “It will be fun to compare and watch the theater version and the TV version because it is different,” and he was confident that he could quickly immerse himself in the play if he watched it comfortably without much preparation.

Director Hong Seok-gu mentioned the main character’s setting of “Hitchcock Enemy” as a viewing point for “distributors.” Director Hong said, “It is a social issue, but it is attractive to the story itself, which is hard to know where an ordinary man will go when he goes through something amazing,” and added, “It also has the pleasure of reasoning the criminal as a crime thriller.”

Photographing director Choi Ki-ha revealed the ‘special character setting’ as a viewing point. “On the surface, it deals with social issues that remind us of the Nth Room incident, but Do Yu-bin is the fear and power of the movie that is never special in living a normal life,” he said. “If you become Do Yu-bin and follow closely, you will be able to easily reach the message that the movie is trying to say.”

‘The Disclaimers’ is Park Sung-hoon’s first one-top film. In this work, nearly 100 out of 130 scenes came out and took on a heavy responsibility. Park Sung-hoon is expected to catch the attention of prospective viewers by showing Do Yu-bin’s various images, ranging from desperation in a desperate situation to exploding anger. His passionate performance in the work is even more anticipated.

Director Hong Seok-gu, who is in charge of directing with actor Park Sung-hoon, has worked together in KBS’ weekend drama “My One and Only Side.” In their first meeting, they recorded a high viewer rating of nearly 50%, and were greatly loved by viewers. Park Sung-hoon said, “I thought the scenario of ‘The Dispatchers’ was very interesting, so I said I would do it as soon as I read it,” and Hong also said, “It’s good to be with actor Park Sung-hoon who showed excellent acting skills again.”

Park Sung-hoon is more meaningful because it is his second participation as a TV cinema following last year. He expressed his excitement by saying, “I showed it to the audience on a big screen at the theater and moved to the cathode-ray theater to visit you in a TV version, and I’m happy to show my work to more people.”

Director Hong Seok-gu said, “Although dramas and movies have become more prone to break down their boundaries and approach each other, the public still has a raw desire to go to the theater and watch the screen and fall into dreams and fantasies “I think it was an opportunity to think more about the role of the drama,” he said, adding a meaningful impression. In particular, he expressed his thoughts on participating in KBS’ first film project ‘KBS TV Cinema,’ saying, “I hope that TV Cinema will maintain and develop the public’s interest in one-act plays.”

Director Choi Ki-ha said, “It was interesting that I could reach the audience through various media,” and added, “I thought the wall of the media was much higher than when I first encountered the OTT platform, but after experiencing film production, I now have a view to encompass various media.” “I hope that many good works will be made and reach the viewers,” he said. In addition, “The media environment that viewers encounter during film production becomes a major factor to consider for filming. I think of many things differently, from the size of the short to the composition, movement, and lighting setting. “The experience I gained while producing the film will be of great help in producing TV dramas in the future,” he said positively.

Director Hong Seok-gu said through “Distributors,” “I want to ask fundamental questions to us and ourselves who live in such a world, not disappearing as a one-off event in the process of looking into the dark side of digital society such as the Nth Room incident.”

Director Choi Ki-ha also said, “I thought a lot about how to convey the mysterious stories and subtle emotional changes shown by the characters,” adding, “It would be good to feel the various emotions of each scene and pay attention to changes in tone using natural light, light, and lighting.”

The distributors plan to deliver unforeseen developments and explosive tensions to chase down the first distributor, as well as strong warning messages to those who still exist somewhere, including portraying the reality of cyberbullying and digital sex crimes in anonymous cyberspace.

The second film of “Drama Special 2022-TV Cinema” will be broadcast on KBS2 channel at 9:50 p.m. on the 28th following the exclusive release of CGV, and can also be seen on the online video service (OTT) Wave. With the end of this broadcast, “Drama Special 2022” will end its grand finale.

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