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Switch Lee Min-jung Lee Byung-hun Kwon Sang-woo and worried about the kiss scene

Lee Min-jung

Actor Lee Min-jung returned to the screen after a long time through “Switch” after the movie “Wonderful Radio” (2012). With the first Korean film to open the New Year in 2023, Lee Min-jung expressed her excitement ahead of meeting with the audience.

Lee Min-jung, who met with reporters in an interview with the movie “Switch” held at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 29th, said, “The year is just around the corner, and next year, I’m excited about VIP suggestions and movie releases.” “It’s the beginning of the new year, and our movie will be released as the first movie of the new year, so I hope it goes well and Korean movies will be successful next year,” he said.

On this day, Lee Min-jung played the role of a mother in “Switch” and worked with child actors, saying, “When you get married and have children, you feel similar, but mothers live almost the same way. It’s chaotic playing with the kids, and I want to rest even for a while when I’m with the kids, just like Kwon Sang-woo says, “Is there no kids zone?” I think that part is expressed well in the movie. Child actors are similar in age to my child, so I think they work well together. Also, child actors can see their faces when they feel awkward. Rather than acting, I did it as if we were living together, and the children chased and laughed well. The children (child actors) were so veterans. Nevertheless, there was nothing awkward, so I think it was more synergy,” he said, drawing attention

What kind of mother is Lee Min-jung? Lee Min-jung said, “In fact, I think I’m trying my best to do my best to my child. My mom said that if I am attached to it well since I was a baby, it would be easy to fall off and I would feel independent. Even now, I read books and ask a lot of questions, but when I was very young, I didn’t talk. At that time, I read a book 30 times and danced. There’s something that makes you feel comfortable as much as you work hard. Accept quickly or understand quickly. I thought I was dead until 36 months and tried to burn myself, but after that, I felt comfortable. I did my best without any regrets. “I don’t think I can do that to my second child,” he recalled.

Lee Min-jung then said, “If the range of emotions before giving birth was mainly me, the world itself changed after giving birth to a child.” There’s one creature I’m responsible for. Everything, such as responsibility and emotional width, seems to expand two to three times. It’s a tremendous advantage for an actor. It’s a good thing that you can truly feel what others haven’t felt. “But it’s physically too hard,” he said. “If you say thank you mom, I think it can happen even if it’s hectic for 24 hours,” drawing laughter

How are Lee Byung-hun and the child rearing shared? Lee Min-jung said, “I think fathers should try it. I think it’s very well divided. He said, “I thought it was so good to have a stage greeting on January 1st,” and when asked what choice he would make if he went back to the past like the main character in “Switch,” he said, “If I could go back, I would go back.” I will play more every day and travel more. I don’t think I’ll come to Korea at all. “I thought I enjoyed my life enough, but if I go back, I will play and enjoy it more fiercely,” he said with a sincere answer, making me laugh.

Lee Min-jung, who had not yet decided whether to show the movie to her child at a press conference after the press preview, said, “I decided to show it. What worries me the most is who will sit next to me when I am going to ask a lot of questions. He won’t be able to enjoy the movie,” he said, adding, “The kiss scene and the curse (in the scene where other actors appeared) are the most important. Lee Byung-hun said, “A kid with a kiss would be surprised.” In conclusion, I decided to show it. The child is waiting. I hardly watched my dad’s movie. “I only watched ‘Our Blues’.”

Just as top star Kwon Sang-woo in the drama missed the time of Daehak-ro performance in “Switch,” Lee Min-jung also expressed her longing for the performance. “When I come here (Samcheong-dong), I have a lot of memories of having a hard time performing at Daehak-ro. Those things have all been nourished. I still tell the story of my performance 21 years ago with my colleagues. There were many interesting episodes. There are moments when acting is bound to be spontaneous, he said. “I also think a lot that I want to perform once again.” “I think I can be more experienced if I perform now,” he said.

What role would Lee Min-jung, who returned to the movie after a long time, want to meet the audience again? Lee Min-jung said, “I think there is always a desire for movies. It feels like the movie was made well, edited, and closely made after a long time. I do want to do a lot of movies. Of course, dramas are good, but I also want to do thriller or strong genre movies. There are so many areas that I haven’t challenged, the kind of things that a child can’t see. Female actors-oriented scenarios are not loyal. When I see Hollywood talking about that, I think it’s the case around the world. “I also hope that there will be a lot of materials that highlight women,” he expressed his desire.

Lee Min-jung’s comments on social media have become a hot topic. In response, Lee Min-jung said, “I don’t worry. The moment you think about it, it’s not fun. It’s a story that’s like talking to a friend honestly. I’m not writing it seriously, he said. “It became a hot topic when someone started collecting my comments. “I didn’t think people would go that far, but it was embarrassing to talk about it on the air,” he said, drawing attention

Finally, Lee Min-jung said, “If I were an actor with 10 million hearts, I would have been burdened with scores, but the number of audiences has changed since it’s been 10 years, so there’s no special burden.” The worry is that the movie theater itself has to be crowded to increase the number of audiences, and I hope many people come to the movie theater.”

Meanwhile, “Switch,” which will be released on January 4, 2023, tells the story of top star Park Kang (played by Kwon Sang-woo), who was enjoying a brilliant single life and a 10 million-star cast member, turning 180 degrees on Christmas.

In “Switch,” Lee Min-jung plays Soo-hyun, a two-jabber who fulfills his responsibilities as a head of household on behalf of Park Kang’s wife and unknown actor, who is Park Kang’s ex-lover and a successful artist ahead of the exhibition

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