I’ll make your dream come true

I’ll make your dream come true


Actor Hwang Se-on (28). The name is still unfamiliar, but since his debut in 2015, he has played a character far from “normal.” Viewers who watched the drama he starred in made a clear impression enough to immediately notice Hwang Se-on’s face, saying, “Oh, that person!”

With Coupang Play’s original series One Day released last year, top star Kim Soo-hyun, who is the main character, also showed off his seductive charm and became a hot topic. In the tvN drama “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager,” which ended on the 13th, Kang Hee-sun, an aspiring actor and desk employee of “Method Entertainment,” a management company, drew attention.

Both characters do not appear much, but their unique personality is second to none. Hwang Se-on, who recently met at the office building in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, said, “I grew up in New Zealand since I was 7 years old and started modeling there, so it seems to have added a unique charm.”

Below are the questions and answers I shared with him

Q. I think I would have sympathized with the feelings of an aspiring actor as a rookie in the drama.
“It was comfortable to capture myself as I was doing auditions every day. As such, I gained confidence that I would understand Kang Hee-sun’s sincerity better than anyone else in the drama. I also took out and used excessive gestures that I sometimes use, such as expanding my pupils or moving my eyebrows. I was the “Method.” Haha!”

Q. You must have been more nervous because you were a character in the original drama. (The drama was based on a French drama of the same name that released five seasons from 2015 until recently.)
“In the original drama, French actor Stefi Celma starred in the same character. If the actor sees my interview, I’d like to receive a direct message on social media. I’d like to hear compliments like, “You did a great job.” I worked really hard to make the character fit the Korean sentiment. “Sincere hearts are always on the same page.”

Q. Did your experience of living in New Zealand help you?
“I think I did. I lived in New Zealand for about 15 years from the age of 7. I started modeling there around 2010 when I was a freshman in high school. Various experiences are often the basis of acting. When I was 21 years old, I entered Korea with the intention of taking a break for about a year, but I was offered a model by an agency and I sat down in Korea in earnest. Rather, it was not easy to adapt because Korea was unfamiliar at that time. The models looked at me, who didn’t seem like a rookie, and thought, “What is this?” Ha ha!

Q. How did you get to act?
“It was a natural procedure. At that time, I took a lot of magazine pictorials, but as the video gradually changed to the center of the media, I also had a lot of opportunities to film videos. As I thought about how to move naturally, I became more curious about acting. Since 2017, I have been filming web dramas little by little, and I have turned into an actor.”

Q. You must have had a lot of hard times. How did you endure it?
“I’m amazed, too. If I had a hard time, I could have gone back to New Zealand with my family, but I didn’t. I’m also a person who doesn’t let go when the opportunity comes. I learned a lot from acting. I think you have to live fiercely in your youth to become mature as a human being and an actor. So I wanted to gain more experience, and I’ve been ‘leveling up’ step by step. 강남매직미러

Q. There seem to be many relationships I met while modeling.
“I’m close to my colleague model Kim Jin-kyung and actor Park Joo-hyun. For me, who has no experience in school in Korea, all the friends I met at work are. It’s really precious. I filmed a drama similar to (Park) Joo-hyun, who recently started MBC’s “Golden Spirit,” this summer, so we contacted each other and relied on each other. We also watched each other’s first broadcast. I think I have a lot of luck.”

Q. I’m curious about the goal.
“I’m not the type to set goals. I’ve lived by the flow. However, while filming “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager,” I thought, “I want to make Kang Hee-sun’s dream come true.” I want to go to Busan International Film Festival instead of Hee Sun and win an award on stage. I would really like to do so. Just thinking about it makes me emotional. Wait, why am I crying so much?”

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