Anal warts gonorrhea hpv human papilloma virus

Anal warts gonorrhea hpv human papilloma virus


The name of the anus condyloma is a bit hard Gonorrhea is a disease caused by hpv virus infection Juwon is an hpv human papilloma virus and it’s a skin disease The hpv virus is characterized by infection of human skin or mucous membranes and creates deformed tissue around genitals or anus, and if the tissue is deformed like a bump in that area, it is diagnosed as a rash Anal gonorrhea is highly contagious, so the infection rate is 50% at a time

After shopping for about a month or six months, symptoms appear, and there are several small warts around the anus, and if you touch it with your hand, it appears easily. The symptoms of anal fistula are itching and bleeding during bowel movement Most lesions appear dark, mistaking them for spots, or appearing like small bumps, making it easier to mistake them for abscesses In the early stages of anal fistula, it appears like a red abscess, and over time, it appears as a broccoli or a hemispherical, bullet-shaped chicken breast skin strain It may appear dark red and may not be easily recognized as a disease, and you may bleed and the wound may worsen after touching it without recognizing it as a disease

The anal fistula is ugly, uncomfortable, and can also be accompanied by odors and secretions It’s highly contagious, and eggplant is a very cumbersome disease, so you have to be careful about cleanliness even in normal daily life Most of them occur after sexual activity, but sometimes you can go without sexual activity Children can be caused by close contact with their families It can be infected not only through sex, but also through various channels such as production, blood refund, and direct contact Because it occurs through an incubation period of anal fistula, spouse partners can be transmitted to the other person, so they need quick treatment

If your body’s immune system is lower than usual, it’s a disease that’s more contagious I want the anus to be damaged by even a small stimulus If the virus penetrates through the damaged gap and infects, it causes a rash In women, gonorrhea can cause cervical cancer, and the virus spreads and smells the outer limbs, so if symptoms occur, it is recommended to get diagnosed quickly and start treatment Treatment The difficulty of visiting is a viral disease that requires both symptom treatment and original treatment In the early stages of gonorrhea, you can get medication If the size has already grown, you can physically remove it using a laser

It is a difficult disease that requires careful observation after treatment because the recurrence rate of anal fistula is 30 to 40 percent It can recur and prolong the treatment period, but it is not incurable. Even if it is repeatedly managed under the diagnosis of skilled medical staff, it can be cured. Above all, even if there are no visible symptoms, it is important to take regular tests to check for virus presence Regardless of gender, if a small bump is touched or tissue is observed near the genitals or anus, suspect a lump and visit the hospital for an accurate diagnosis

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