It’s like porn A politician who just talked to Ronaldo

It’s like porn A politician who just talked to Ronaldo as a luxury car gift Georgina


Recently, the scene where Cristiano Ronaldo receives an expensive luxury car Rolls-Royce from his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has become an issue.

Rodriguez was wearing a red dress, and the Rolls-Royce had a red ribbon. Ronaldo smiled after receiving a Rolls-Royce. This scene spread widely through SNS. Rodriguez posted on social media, “A magical Christmas night. I love you guys,” he wrote.

In response, a Spanish politician made a “blind remark.” “As USA” reported, “Migel Angel Leviya, the governor of Cantabria, Spain, strongly criticized Rodriguez for giving Ronaldo a Rolls-Royce gift.”

Governor Levya saw the scene and described it as “like Porno.” This media also used the expression ‘almost phonographic gift’.

The reason why Governor Levya criticized so strongly is because of the extravagant Christmas gifts that create a sense of incongruity in difficult times. They say that Ronaldo and his wife showed off their money too much at a time when the global economy was not good, with many people struggling to survive. The Rolls-Royce costs at least $300,000 (380 million won).

Governor Levya said, “The people who did this are not moral. I thought it was Porno. “It is very immoral to show off these things and spread these behaviors at a time when many people are suffering from economic difficulties,” he shouted 토토

In addition, the media explained that Ronaldo’s Rolls-Royce is a four-seater convertible that opens the roof in 22 seconds, reaching 100km in 4.9 seconds, and having a maximum speed of 250km. In addition, the car is one of Ronaldo’s cheap prices. Ronaldo’s most expensive car is Bugatti, which costs $8 million (W10.1 billion).

Finally, the media said, “Rolls Royce is definitely an impressive gift, but perhaps Manchester United players preferred a gift that could welcome Ronaldo with open arms.”

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