Jang Wonyoung IU Han Sohee Lim Yoonah Jennie

Jang Wonyoung IU Han Sohee Lim Yoonah Jennie Who’s the fashion icon of the year?

Jang Wonyoung

If you wear it, it’s a hot topic, and stars’ plain clothes and fashion in official appearances are as diverse as stars’ personalities. In particular, the colorful styling of stars at various events that resumed as the COVID-19 epidemic gradually subsided gave the public fun to watch. Not only the trendy Y2K look but also the feminine look that melted his charm, we have gathered all the rising fashion icons that bring “Son Min-soo” to life. The year-end settlement of fashionistas’ styling with red carpets, departure paths, and event halls

I’m Jang Wonyoung
Jang Won-young always catches the public’s eye with her fashionable look, regardless of where she goes, such as official appearances and departure routes. Jang Won-young, who is tall, has a small face that is about to disappear, and has slim arms and legs, always shows a trendy personality with her styling that perfectly utilizes the strengths of her body. In particular, Jang Won-young, who properly demonstrates her charm in airport fashion, often presents a lovely look reminiscent of a French girl with socks and shoes with her ankles up to her ankles. Jang Won-young, who shows the “final king” of loveliness in plain clothes fashion, is a person who has the charm of a “chameleon” that freely shows an elegant look like a goddess and a mature atmosphere in official appearances. I look forward to Jang Won-young’s 2023 performance as a rising fashion icon

If I were to pick the epitome of MZ generation innocence, I would pick IU (Lee Ji-eun) without hesitation. IU, who has established herself as a national actor from a national singer, is showing a unique transformation in fashion as much as her image as a “singer → actor.” This year, IU’s dress fashion has always been a hot topic, especially since she showed her face on red carpets at home and abroad. Rook, who completed the innocent atmosphere by adding vintage lace to a pure white dress, emphasized IU’s natural charm. Above all, the styling that perfectly created IU’s “pure” atmosphere, including transparent makeup that seems to have no makeup and long straight hair that stands out feminine, played a part. The innocence continued on the way to the airport, which showed plain clothes fashion. IU showed a neat look with basic items rather than fancy decorations. It deserves to be appointed as the representative of the 2023 ‘Kkuanku’ look.

Han Sohee
Han So-hee, who always shows a confident attitude, showed a unique look at the airport ahead of her departure. Han So-hee, who has a confident atmosphere as an ambassador of a luxury brand, left the country heavily armed with strong and unique fashion items. The short outerwear, which looks like a dress, has a rock chic atmosphere, and the boots further emphasized Han So-hee’s sexy beauty. Han So-hee completed a chic styling with a sensible look that fully utilizes her charm. In addition to the feminine look, Han So-hee, who also looks casual and sporty, boldly mixed and matched tight-fit crop tops, training pants, and stiletto heels to create a trendy fashion. Making Han So-hee a fashionista also plays a part in her confident attitude. In 2023, the formula of ‘Han So-hee-decadent beauty = 0’ is unlikely to change

Im Yoona
Lim Yoon-ah’s fashion sense, which is shown officially, is always excellent, although it is called “fashionable” as she is called the owner of an unrivaled goddess-like beauty. This is because it presents a variety of visuals ranging from “Kku An-kku” look to “Kku Kku-kku” look through various styling, including feminine outfits that take advantage of one’s charm to those that show a city atmosphere. Unlike the red carpet, which mainly shows colorful and elegant productions, Lim Yoon-ah’s look, which is presented at the venue or on the way out, is mostly pretty styling that is good to wear, and can be used in various places such as formal and casual occasions. Lim Yoon-ah, who is showing off her fashion full of sense with a look suitable for TPO, such as clothes that create a feminine atmosphere by showing her jacket like a dress or a set-up that is boldly displayed with a unique check pattern. The completion of fashion may not be the face, but the sense.

Jenny, the original fashion icon called “human luxury goods.” Jenny’s unique fashion sense can be seen just by looking at her “bling bling” stage outfit, but Jenny’s cute unexpected charm always comes from “ordinary fashion.” Jenny’s charm, which creates a “sold out” march when worn, shines even more in fashion with a natural atmosphere. Fashion items introduced by Jenny, who is on her way to the country, are loved by establishing themselves as “popular items” such as sunglasses, shoes, and fashion accessories named after her. Jenny, who has a luxurious atmosphere enough to be called a “human luxury,” but Jenny’s “real charm” is that she creates a lovely atmosphere just by natural styling such as bold dress fashion and comfortable training setups.

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