Police distribute 260,000 illegal sex videos and movies…

Police distribute 260,000 illegal sex videos and movies…We arrested three people who took 600 million won


Police have arrested a group of people who made about 600 million won in criminal profits by distributing hundreds of thousands of illegal sex videos and movies with servers overseas.

illegal sex videosThe arrest of Jeonbuk Police Agency was successful with 260,000 movies distributed.
The Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency’s cybercrime investigation team announced on the 28th that it is investigating three people, including A (20s), on charges of distributing pornography under the Information and Communication Network Act and violating the copyright law.

According to the police, A and others are accused of illegally distributing 260,000 contents, including illegal sex videos and movies, by establishing 15 illegal sites based on overseas servers from January 2020 to December last year. He is also accused of earning hundreds of millions of won in advertising revenue in return for posting illegal banner ads on the site.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that A, the program developer, was commissioned to produce an illegal website through Telegram, built the site, and earned about 220 million won in criminal profits in return for server management.

Two people, including B (40s), the site operator, distributed illegal sex videos and movies through a website built by A, and were found to have earned 370 million won in unfair profits from advertising sponsors in return for posting gambling advertisements on the site.

In particular, they were found to have built servers overseas to avoid tracking by investigative agencies, managed and operated 15 illegal sites for a long time, such as communicating only through Telegram.

The police arrested A’s group after a persistent investigation since June last year and arrested two people, including B, the operator of the site. All 15 sites they operated were closed.

In addition, they applied for additional collection compensation before indictment for the 590 million won in criminal proceeds they earned. 안전놀이터

Kim Kwang-soo, head of the cybercrime investigation team at the Jeonbuk National Police Agency, said, “We will continue to investigate advertising sponsors on gambling sites, their main source of income,” adding, “We will do our best to distribute illegal sex videos and eradicate copyright infringement.”

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