“Tiki-taka fits well.” Lee Yi-kyung-Lee Mi-joo, Kiss Performance..

“Tiki-taka fits well.” Lee Yi-kyung-Lee Mi-joo, Kiss Performance+Drunken Truth…You’re going to go out with me

Lee Yi-kyung

Actress Lee Yi-kyung and former member of the group Lovelyz  Mi-joo are exuding pink energy. We’re a “business couple” now, but you don’t hate each other? It’s a feeling.

Recently,  Yi-kyung and  Mi-joo have emerged as new couples in the entertainment industry. This is because of the chemistry shown at MBC’s “What do you do when you play?” (hereinafter referred to as “Nol-something”) and year-end awards ceremonies. Yi-kyung and Lee Mi-joo presented Hyun-ah and Jang Hyun-seung’s “Trouble Maker” as a cover stage at the “2022 MBC Entertainment Awards” held on the 29th. The two were immersed in the sexy seduction trouble maker atmosphere and caught the eye with fatal performances such as kissing.

At the ceremony, Lee Yi-kyung and Lee Mi-joo were also nominated for the Best Couple Award, and although the award failed, Lee Yi-kyung won the popularity award and asked about her relationship with Lee Mi-joo, she said with a serious look, “I’ll tell you about Mi-joo. My mother asked, “What’s your relationship with Mi-Joo?” I’ll tell you right now. I won’t comment. “Please watch it as ‘What’s the point of having fun?'” he said, making viewers excited.

Lee Yi-kyung appeared in Shin Bong-sun’s YouTube channel video on the same day, and when Shin Bong-sun asked about her relationship with Lee Mi-joo, “But what’s really going on?” she said, “I’m dating Mi-Joo.” When Shin Bong-sun posed as a surprise, Lee Yi-kyung said, “Okay, I’ll use it up to here.”

At the same time, when asked, “Honestly, how about a woman like Mi-Joo?”  Yi-kyung said, “She’s a very good woman, but she fits so well with work. “I’m so grateful that you accept everything,” he said, expressing his honest feelings as if he were drunk. In response, viewers are expecting that the two are now “business couples,” but they may develop like a real relationship.

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