I sang Gian84 wedding song, but I turned

I sang Gian84 wedding song, but I turned my clothes upside down. Cat Writer Explodes Wackiness at Wedding


Webtoon writer and YouTuber Joo Ho-min released an anecdote that shows the bizarre charm of Gian 84.

Recently, Joo Ho-min posted a video on his YouTube channel containing the wedding reviews of Jeon Sun-wook and cat writers.

In addition to Joo Ho-min, fellow writers such as Calm Man (Lee Mal-nyeon) attended the wedding of Jeon Sun-wook, a cat writer, and blessed the two with a new start. Gian 84 sang a congratulatory song, Park Tae-joon was the host, and Kim Joon-gu, CEO of Naver Webtoon, officiated.

According to Joo Ho-min, Gian 84 embarrassed people around him with his strange charm. Joo Ho-min said, “Gian 84 who decided to sing a congratulatory song came wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. When I asked if I should dress up a little, he said, “Oh, really?” and went out to buy clothes.

“CEO Kim Joon-gu, who was in charge of officiating, and Gian 84 is an important day, so I booked a hotel near the wedding hall and slept together. However, Gian 84 woke up in the morning and said, “I have to sing at my wedding, but my clothes are not good,” and “I will go home.” CEO Kim Joon-gu, who heard this, was dumbfounded and said, “I slept here not to go home, but what nonsense are you talking about?”

In the end, Gian84 went out to buy clothes in a hurry, but there was only a luxury store near the wedding hall, so he couldn’t buy a suit.

Joo Ho-min said, “But Gian 84 was wearing his clothes inside out again. The seams were all out. When I asked him why he wore it like that, he said he wore it inside out because the picture was so fancy with the sweatshirt. “I didn’t want to talk anymore,” he said, drawing laughter.

In the meantime, Joo Ho-min said, “Kian 84 sings Lim Chang-jung’s ‘Marry Me’ as a wedding song. “This is my fourth wedding song and it was the same song, but I said I couldn’t memorize the lyrics,” he said with a speechless expression.

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