Benfica has cleared its position. “World Cup stars..

Benfica has cleared its position. “World Cup stars are sold only to 161.3 billion won.”


Benfica ‘new star’ Enso Fernandez’s ransom was nailed. He said he would consider selling only when an offer of 120 million euros is received.

Fernandez, 21, is the hottest man in European football these days. He contributed greatly to Argentina’s victory by winning the Young Player Award at the Qatar World Cup. He won the hearts of big clubs with his calm performance that he could not believe he was 21 years old.

In fact, it received attention even before the World Cup. Fernandez left Ripperplatte and wore Benfica’s uniform this summer, playing 24 games since joining, scoring three goals and five assists. Thanks to this performance, he was also selected for the Argentine national team.

prestigious clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Chelsea are watching Fernandez. In the case of Chelsea, they are actively courting, saying they are willing to spend a large amount of more than 100 million euros.

Benfica proposed the principle. “We will only sell Fernandez in a 120 million euro clause in January,” Costa chairman Benfica Hui told TalkSport. “We don’t want to sell Fernandez in January, but we are willing to satisfy our player if an offer of 120 million euros comes,” Costa said. Fernandez has signed a contract with Benfica until 2027. Benfica is in no hurry. 안전놀이터

Fernandez will naturally want to play on a bigger stage, too. Benfica cannot be unaware of the player’s feelings. Coach Roger Schmidt said, “I can’t reveal the conversations I had with Fernandez. However, young players have a chance. If they get a chance, they have to make a decision. I respect them,” he said, “I can give them advice. I’ll try to do it if my persuasion affects. But I will accept their decision,” he said.

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