New Zealand Pop Star Lorde, third album “Solar Power” “Nature’s healing.”

New Zealand Pop Star Lorde, third album “Solar Power”…”Nature’s healing.”


New Zealand singer Lorde, who is considered a “muse” in pop music, has released his third full-length album.

According to Universal Music, Rod released his third full-length album “Solar Power” at noon on Tuesday.

Rod, who rose to world stardom at the age of a teenager and was called a “pop prodigy,” shows how to find and heal pain in nature through “Solar Power of Solar.”

A total of 12 songs were included, and the warm-colored lead single “Solar Power” was pre-released in June.

Prior to its release, Rod said, “This album is a blessing for everything related to nature,” adding, “I always looked for answers in nature whenever I was hurt or confused.”

Jack Antonov, the main producer of his second full-length album “Melodrama,” which was praised by critics, participated in the production of the album.

Earlier, Rod said that he would release the album in the form of eco-friendly content called “Music Box” rather than CDs, drawing attention. “Music Box” consists of cards that can download music, handwritten notes, photos, and other visual contents.

Rod has emerged as a new star in the pop world, with “Royals,” which is included in his debut album “Pure Heroine,” released at the age of 16, topping Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” for nine consecutive weeks. It won two Grammy Awards.

His second full-length album “Melodrama” was also well-received as a nominee for Grammy’s “Album of the Year.”

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