Seven Grand Cross Game Events for the New Year’s Festival!

Seven Grand Cross Game Events for the New Year’s Festival!

 Grand Cross

Marvel (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 29th that it will hold the “New Year Festival 2023” at the mobile RPG “The Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS” developed by Netmarble F&C and serviced by its company.

First, through this update, we added Purgatory Meliodas. Users can definitely win the hero when they achieve 900 miles in the New Year Festival 2023 questionnaire lineup. The lineup includes the popular hero “The Last Sage” selected by users through the questionnaire, infinite magician Merlin, “Distorted Darkness” runaway Estarotsa, “Warrior of the Holy War”, traitor Meliodas, and “Recovered Memory” reincarnation Elizabeth.

Next, a special mission consisting of a total of five missions was unveiled. Users can get “DIA,” “New Year Questionnaire Festival 2023 Ticket,” and “Growth Goods” when they achieve each mission and achieve the final mission.

It also added a parade of event bosses. In the content, three types of event bosses, Malek, Kimara, and Baluja, will appear one after another every week, and when they are cleared, they can acquire “DIA,” “Event Costume,” and “Event Artifact.”

In commemoration of this update, the ‘New Year 2023 Lucky Spin Spin Spin Spin Spinner’ event will be held. Users who achieve the mission every day will be given up to three opportunities to participate, and a total of “1.6 million diamonds” will be given as prizes, including the No. 1 reward “1,000 diamonds.”

In addition, there will be an attendance event that presents a total of “300 DIA” every day for four weeks, a roulette event that presents “event costumes,” “event artifacts,” and “new myth” Meliodas, and an artifact wish event that increases the possibility of obtaining existing event artifacts by registering a desired card on the wish list. 안전놀이터

In addition, new 25.5 chapters were added, as well as new attributes of “Infinite Prosecutor of Foreign Countries” and “Wanderer Donar.”

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